Customer testimonials

You're in good company

Our customers are the most important thing to us at Milient regardless of whether they use a Moment product or a Millnet product.

Every day, we work hard so that our customers can work more efficiently on their projects, and we are proud of what we deliver But don't just take our word for it – read what our customers say. 

Snøhetta Group
Moment succeeds in doing what others claim to be impossible.
Moment is the oil in our machinery.
Anemone Studio
Moment simplifies our working day and we save a huge number of hours.
Moment is beautiful visually and easy to understand for architects.
Ulla Sommerfelt - EGGS-1
Eggs Design
We have had so much use for Moments tools. We're forever grateful!
Arne Reisegg Myklestad-1
Dark Arkitekter
Take a deep breath, and remember to track your hours in Moment.
Stig-Are Lillemo_small
We were able to gather all the systems in one place.
KOHT Arkitekter
Moment makes it easier for our architects to register their hours on time.
Katrine Lindholm - CEO - Minoko Design - index
The most important thing for us is that you NEVER stop surprising us with solutions to our problems.
Øyvind Hegvig - HUS
HUS Arkitekter
Moment facilitates our everyday life. I want to spend as little time as possible on project management.
Sissel E. Eriksen - Karl Knudsen as
Karl Knudsen
A user-friendly system is the most important thing and for the project management tool to be adapted to our needs.
Steinar Vaag - Mestergruppen_small
Moment helps us control over 2,000 projects annually.
Kari Liljebäck
HLM Arkitektur
In Moment, I get answers to things that I otherwise had to get from several other places.
Maria Rådestad_small
E/S-A Arkitekter
Now, I click one single button to generate all the invoice drafts. This saves me several days of work!
Birger Ophaug
Degree of Freedom
Moment was the tool I missed!
Henriette Leikanger
Ahead Group
Moment has given us operational flexibility while providing user-friendly project and reporting tools.
Karianne Bræin Bragge
4B Arkitekter
Moment gives me the overview I need.
Jan Roger Eriksen
Chili Group
Are you considering one of Milient's products? Just do it!
Rodrigo Blum-jansen
Milient makes my everyday life easier.
Rørbæk og Møller
I am very happy with Moment.
magnus stromnes boe-1
Milient has flexibility that gives me, as the CEO, the feeling of control.
Holscher Nordberg
Our Architects find Moment visually appealing.
Head Energy
Moment is a flexible system, and the support is magnificent!
Aase Group
Moment helps us to have control just like we help the builder to have control.
LR Revision & Redovisning Örebro/Vingåker
Now it's easy to follow up on what we spend our time on and whether the customers are profitable
P2 Energi
We wanted a modern solution that we can trust and that is able to grow with us. We found that at Milient.
Liljewall arkitekter
Now, we manage our operations through the analytics tool
Stiftelsen Kulturmiljövård
Now I can follow the project from the time I plan it until the invoice goes to the customere
Best Bemanning
Since we started with Millnet, I don't think any of our customers even look at the invoice, they know it's correct.
BD Works
We will be able to continue with Millnet without any problems even if we were to double in size
Today, we spend 70% less time on administration.
It has worked very smoothly and more customers will switch over

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