Improved Knowledge Management

Oberlanders Architects LLP has now embraced Flo10, a solution from Milient, to enhance their communication channels and ensure unparalleled project compliance.

Integration of Flo10 with Existing Systems

Oberlanders use Flo10, which is now part of Milient's brand.

Prior to the addition of Flo10, Oberlanders had established several systems, including a central project database. Flo10 integrates seamlessly to avoid manual data entry, enhancing practice communications, including valuable discussions, company events (meetings and CPD), and project activities, news, and progress..

Benefits from Better Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management at Oberlanders is focused on maintaining the highest standards, encompassing integrated Quality Management, marketing, sustainability, and BIM. Stakeholders across the practice own and monitor their areas of interest, showcasing the latest best practice guidance.

“Through improved staff engagement we are driving greater confidence in the information available whether you have been at Oberlanders for some time or have recently joined us
- Andrew Reid, Director of Finance

Project Management and Staff Profiles

The staff pages and map have proved popular, and the tracker is being implemented to deliver the digital project QMS.

“The tracker is there to support uniformity across the offices and help ensure that certain key tasks are completed,” explains Andrew Reid.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Looking forward, Andrew confirms that progress is gradual and constant. Oberlanders Architects LLP is committed to continual improvements with Flo10, further helping to reduce operating risk and support project outcomes.

We want to continuously improve the quality of information and data available across the team, which led us to invest in the Flo10 platform.

Andrew Reid
Director of Finance | Oberlanders Architects LLP

About Oberlanders

Oberlanders Architects LLP are a multi-award winning architectural practice, with studios throughout the UK.

Established in 1983, today there are offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Galashiels, Ardgay, Inverness, and Oxford. In recent years the practice has grown significantly from 20 to over 60 staff.


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