Privacy policy

Last updated 2023-08-18

This privacy policy for Milient Software AS (Wergelandsveien 1-3, 0167 Oslo, 927 234 238) and Milient Software AB (Datalinjen 1, 583 30 Linköping, 556590-2995) describes how we process personal data and other information that you share with us in the following context. You can read more about each part further down. 

Personal data is only processed internally within Milient Software, and by our sub-processors (see below). Personal data may need to be shared with other parties if required by law, regulation, court or authority decision, legal requirements or an ongoing legal process.

When you visit our website

What data do you store?

If you have given your consent to the use of cookies, they are used to adapt and improve our website. For this analysis we use Google Analytics. Your IP address is anonymized before the information is sent to Google Analytics.

The web server also registers and stores which pages (calls) are made to it. These logs contain your IP address. 

If you submit a form to us, your contact information and future visits are also stored in Hubspot. This helps ur provide relevant material for you. 

Can I avoid the information being saved?

If you do not consent to the use of cookies, your visit will be anonymously stored for our analysis. It is not possible to avoid that information being saved in the web server's log.


A so-called necessary cookie is saved, even if you declined the use of cookies. This cookie keeps track of your answer to the cookie consent question, so you don't get asked every time you go to a new page. The question will return once a year or when you have deleted locally stored cookies.

For how long is the information stored?

The information about your session is saved for 14 months in Google Analytics.

In Hubspot your session is saved for as long as it is relevant to our work.

We do not share how long the web server's log is saved as it is information about our information security capabilities.

When you book a meeting

What data is stored?

The information you enter when you fill out the form is saved. Your future activities on our website, such as page visits, will also be saved. This helps us contact you and provide relevant information to you. 

Can I avoid the information being saved?

The stored data makes it possible for our experts and sales tema to contact you. Therefore, it is not possible to avoid that the information is saved for a period.

For how long is the information stored?

The time depends on who you are. If you are a costomer or a potential lead, your contact details etc. may be saved for further contact with you regarding the system and our company, such as new features and smart guides. The information is stored until it is no longer needed for contact, or if you ask to be removed from our systems.

When you email us

What data do you save?

We save the sender's address and all other information that you choose to send with the message, e.g. in your email signature or content. You are also responsible for making sure that you have the right to send personal data for someone other than you in a message, which e.g. can happen if you forward a message.

Can I avoid information being saved?

Only information and personal data contained in the message you send is included, so you yourself control what information we receive.

For how long is the information stored

We normally save emails sent to us for up to two years. If it is required for contractual reasons, legal requirements or other legal reasons, email can be stored for an additional time, how long is determined on a case-by-case basis based on the reason for the storage.

When attending a webinar

What data do you save?

When registering to a webinar we collect your name, company name and email address. When you attend we also save any message sent in the chat, to be able to follow up any questions. The webinars are held in WebinarGeek. You can attend with or without cerating an account.

Can I avoid information being saved?

No, we need to store your contact information to be able to provide you with the link to the webinar and additional information needed to attend or further inform you about our services. 

For how long is the information stored

The information is stored as long as it is needed for contact, including information about upcoming updates and webinars that may be of interest to you. You are always able to ask us to remove your information, but we can not remove your information before a webinar you want to attend.

When you watch videos published by us

What data is stored?

The videos that are found on the open part of the website are stored on Hubspot and are therefore handled in the same way as other information that you receive.

We also use YouTube for publishing some of our videos. YouTube is owned by Google, which in turn collects history of which videos you watch. Read more about this at Google.

Can I avoid the information being stored?

No, not completely, but you can open the video in a private browser window to minimize what is stored. The name varies between different browsers, but the function is often called i.a. incognito

Your rights

You have the right to, once a year, receive an extract of the information that is saved about you and what has been corrected or deleted, free of charge. You can request this via email to

All handling of personal data takes place in accordance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the corresponding Swedish/Norwegian legislation, as well as the recommendations given by the Data Protection Authority. You can read more about these rules on the Swedish or Norwegian Data Protection Authority's website.

If you have a complaint about our handling of personal data, you should contact the Swedish or Norwegian Privacy Agency, which is the supervisory authority responsible for handling personal data. Other questions regarding the handling of personal data at Milient Software can be sent by email to

Changes to the policy

This privacy policy may be updated at any time. The latest version is indicated by date at the top of the policy. The date also indicates which version of the policy it is. The version takes effect when the policy is published on Milient's website.

Only in the event of major changes is a message sent out to the affected data subjects. Registrants then have the opportunity to renew or terminate consent to further processing of personal data.

Personal data processors


Name Place of processing Purpose
Hubspot EU Book meetings, send emails, website analysis
Google EU Email, book meetings, website analysis, webinars, video distribution