Milient for Architects

Made by architects, for architects

Do you find it hard to keep track of projects, employees, budgets and time spent? With Milient you can collect all these features in one system.

All your core office tools in one complete package

In a hectic work week where you have to manage projects, employees, activities, and tasks, it is easy to lose track. With Milient, you get a complete project management tool, built for architects to improve the flow of projects. In order for you to save time and get a better overview, we have connected all operational functions into one complete system. 

By consolidating operational processes in Milient, you’ll save precious time and energy that is better spent on your core activities - architecture, that is.

Get flow all the way from offer to invoicing

In Milient, you have control over your projects all the way from the offer to actually invoicing the customer. You get all the functions you need for project management, resource planning and quality control. It doesn't get any smoother.

”Milient has managed what others think is impossible”

By using Moment, Snøhetta meets its needs in a good way in terms of time recording, planning, project management and quality assurance.

Børge Øverland, CFO - Snøhetta

Over 400 architects use Milient to control their project.

Do you want to learn more how you can gain better control, save time and focus on creativity and deliveries. Book a non-binding digital chat with us.
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Kari Liljebäck - square
”Reduces time spent on invoicing with 40%”

At HLM Arkitektur, they save many hours every month when invoicing their customers. Administration manager Kari Liljebäck says that previously she spend a whole week completing the invoicing for the previous month. With Moment, she only needs 2-3 days.

Kari Linjebäck - Administraton in HLM Arkitektur

5 reasons why architects choose Milient

1. Offers

Many architects still use Excel to set up offers, and therefore usually have to manually transfer offer values ​​to a separate project system.

This creates duplicate work and makes it difficult to follow up time consumption and invoicing against the original offer.

In Milient, you set up your offers in a dedicated offer solution, where you easily specify all project phases, tasks, roles, hours, fees and expenses.


2. Budgeting and time management

The process of planning and following up on a schedule is important to ensure that a project is completed within the time frame and within budget.

Keeping track of the costs of a project is another important factor in ensuring that there are no overruns.

This, combined with smooth communication across the team, makes Milient the perfect project planning system for architects.

3. Resource planning

Proper allocation of resources is an important factor in ensuring that a project goes as planned.

In Milient, you get tools to allocate hours and get an overview of available capacity.

You can ensure that everyone's time and skills are used as efficiently as possible, and create good forecasts for future capacity. Would you like to learn how resource planning in Milient works? Contact us


4. Quality assurance

Ensuring the quality of the projects is an essential part of administrative work.

When you link your tools for quality management to the rest of your project administration, you lower the threshold for ensuring the quality of the work. This contributes to fewer nonconformities and fewer non-billable hours.

In Milients quality tool, you can easily follow routines, take risks into account, fill in checklists, and register nonconformities. This way, you ensure that all projects and processes are completed to the letter.

5. Moment Mobile

For many, a lot of the working day takes place on the go. Being able to take care of tasks on your phone is time-saving in a busy week. 

Moment Mobile makes it easy for all your employees to register hours and expenses anywhere, anytime - as long as they have their mobile phone.

In the app, you can access all projects and tasks with descriptions, and find all customers and contacts with contact information. With this app, there is a lot you can get done without having a PC available.