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In Moment, I get the answers to everything in one place

Previously, HLM Architecture had to look up information in several different systems.

The challenge

HLM Arkitekter uses the product Moment, which is now part of Milient's brand.

Kari Liljebäck works in the administration at HLM and does all the work "behind the scenes", including follow-up of timekeeping, invoicing and accounting. She tells us that HLM experienced major challenges with its previous project management system.

"When we encountered a problem and would like to have it solved, it wasn't very often that we got the help we needed – at least not in time. There were many halfway solutions before you moved on.”

The system did not measure up. There were many manual tasks and not much automation. The employees constantly had problems and questions about a system they had used for years.

The transition to Moment

After HLM was visited by the CEO of Milient (former Moment) and was presented with the solution, it occurred to them that many of the work tasks could be done much easier. "We noticed that he knew what he was talking about, and it felt like we have something to gain here".

In spring 2019, they finally waved goodbye to their old system and boarded Moment. With personal training at their office in Bergen, they had good conditions for a smooth start-up.
“I experienced the transition as very smooth!” says Kari.

Kari hears very little from her colleagues about Moment, which she perceives as something positive. “The program is easier to understand. When we had the training here in the office, the employees learned Moment quickly and easily."

The solution

Kari has a clear idea of where Moment has had the biggest impact for her: Invoicing and correcting timesheets.

"If we have a project with three participants, and one of them has spent all his hours on the preliminary project, and the other two on the sketch project, and you know that all the hours will be on the latter, then you just have to check off and move the hours over to the right activity. Previously, we had to unlock the timetable for the relevant person and manually re-enter the timetables.”

Furthermore, Kari says that she used to spend over a week finalising the invoicing for the previous month. Now, she only needs 2-3 days.

"The fact that you get the list of everything that is ready for invoicing and can make corrections along the way makes things a lot easier."

Big changes

In Moment, Kari finds everything she needs in one place, which saves her a lot of time. She has also become more aware of the value of good data.

"Now, we get correct and up-to-date data. Among other things, when it comes to keeping track of how much we have invoiced. We get the reports and data we need to keep track. I think that has made us busier and focused on it.”

The most important thing for Kari and HLM is that Moment is intuitive and easy to use.

"We spend less time on invoicing and training the users, and it is easier for those who only go in a couple of times a day or a week. You don't have to sit all the time and think about how things should be done."

The fact that employees can ask Milient Support questions directly from the program is also a big plus.

Personal follow-up

The personal follow-up has meant a lot to Kari, in that they received training on the spot and can call at any time when they need help with something.

Since it is very easy for employees to report future absences, it is easy to plan resources. When someone is not available, they see it immediately. They also notice that time management has become easier.

Kari Liljebäck - square
"Now, we get correct and up-to-date data. It helps us keep track of how much we have invoiced."

Kari Liljebäck
Administration | HLM Arkitektur

Om HLM Arkitektur

Since its start in 1999, HLM has built itself up to become a well-known name among Norwegian architects. They now have close to 30 employees and sit right out on the water in Bergen Harbour.

In recent years, the architectural office has mainly worked with public buildings – preferably schools, kindergartens and office buildings. The customer list includes, among others, Vestland County Municipality, Bergen Municipality and Statsbygg.

Working with public clients often makes higher demands with more control and follow-up. Fortunately, the office's long and wide experience helps to anticipate what is expected.

HLM focuses on sustainable buildings – they build for the future, and the buildings must give something positive to their surroundings. They must be a solid player, and regularly receive feedback from their clients that they are professionals and deliver within deadlines and budget.


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