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Underpinning Standards & Accelerating Audits

As a leading AJ100 practice, committed to standards including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Leonard Design Architects have regular reporting and auditing needs.

The challenge

Leonard Design Architects use Flo10, which is now part of Milient's brand.

Prior to Flo10, Leonard Design Architects encountered challenges when it came to managing, retrieving, and auditing best practice information. Susan Hayes, Admin & Facilities Manager, reflects on the difficulties previously represented by navigating network folders and regular all-staff emails from individuals requiring specific information, templates, and examples.


Simple auditing

As a leading AJ100 practice, committed to standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, Leonard Design Architects have regular reporting and auditing needs.

Brilliant for auditing.
- Susan Hayes, Admin & Facilities Manager

Leonard Design Architects will further leverage Flo10 to support their information requirements. This includes evidence of competency (staff experience and CPD records) and project particulars in support of membership associations (such as RIBA benchmarking and the AJ100 index), Professional Indemnity Insurance, and ISO audits.

The solution

Now the practice communicates the latest content to teams and individuals, such as risk assessments and the company handbook, through Flo10.

This capability has been valuable as it ensures all key documents are up to date and in the hands of the right people.

“A central location for key documents and practice news. Flo10 is making it easier to manage our operations”
- Ben Bowley, Director.

Flo10 will also support successful outcomes by improving accessibility to valuable information such showcasing projects examples such as based on BREEAM ratings and building materials used when producing responses to tender bids and producing marketing brochures. 

We appreciate the excellent level of support from the Flo10 team. Every request is answered promptly, and any issues are resolved straight away
- James Dealtry Smith, Associate Director 
Susan Hayes - Leonard Design Architects
Our team refer to Flo10 to locate quality knowledge and best practice guidance. It is useful to have everything in one place and this is saving us time.

Susan Hayes
Admin & Facilities Manager | Leonard Design Architects

About Leonard Design Architects

Leonard Design Architects are an international architecture and master planning practice delivering award winning designs ranging from major new build, mixed-use regeneration schemes to bespoke interior design, residential accommodation, commercial buildings and tv and film studios. The 90-strong team are based in Nottingham, London, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, and Berlin.

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