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Advanced Project Management

HSSP Architects improve project management with Milient's Flo10 software. Enhancing collaboration, streamlining audits, and boosting efficiency.

The challenge

HSSP use Flo10, which is now part of Milient's brand.

Before implementing Flo10 Knowledge Management and Project Tracker, HSSP Architects faced challenges in project tracking and document management. Relying solely on spreadsheets for project management led to accessibility issues, hindering collaboration.

The solution

To address these challenges, HSSP Architects implemented Flo10, the leading project compliance and knowledge management software designed for architects, engineers, and AEC consultants. By centralising project management through Project Tracker, the firm improved accessibility and collaboration. 

It's good to have everything in one place.
- Angela Rennie, Office Manager

HSSP Architects also state how Flo10 can help with future auditing processes, as stated by Angela Rennie, Office Manager, ‘We've set it up so that when we undertake an audit, we can just open Flo10, and everything we need should be there.’ Angela also highlights how it has been useful for progress updates as they can easily export it to excel by the click of a button.

Furthermore, the practice recently launched Knowledge Management which enhanced document organisation and accessibility, enabling better collaboration. The practice now use it to share company posts, upcoming events, and to trigger reminders for tasks, which colleagues are actively using.

Richard Johnson, Architect, mentioned how the ‘reminders’ feature has helped with timesheets, ‘The timesheet reminder on Flo10 is helpful’. Ros Harvey, Head of Finance & Business, supported this statement by highlighting the improvements in timesheet utilisation.

The benefits

The software’s implementation yielded numerous benefits for HSSP Architects. The Project Tracker eliminated the need for manual spreadsheet searches, improved document accessibility, and enhanced tracking of appointment documents, planning and building regulations applications. Additionally, Knowledge Management facilitated information sharing, improved collaboration, and streamlined auditing processes and CPD tracking as listed below:

Project Tracker:
  • Eliminated manual search for spreadsheets.
  • Improved document accessibility.
  • Enhanced tracking of appointment documents, and planning and building regulations applications.
  • Sub tasks feature improved task management and progress tracking.
  • Seamless export of progress updates for reporting purposes.
Knowledge Management:
  • Facilitated sharing of information and engagement among colleagues.
  • Utilisation of the suggestions feature encouraged feedback.
  • Efficient document retrieval through tagging.
  • Improved auditing processes and CPD tracking.
  • Effective reminders for task completion

Implementation Process

The practice had a successful launch day, with everyone expressing excitement. The adoption of Flo10 has been positive, with everyone recognising the benefits it brings to the company.


HSSP Architects anticipate further benefits from Flo10, including the utilisation of templates and the project gallery feature.

We no longer need to manually search for specific spreadsheets

Richard Johnson
Architect | HSSP Architects

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HSSP Architects, an award-winning architecture practice based in Leicestershire, is dedicated to designing beautiful bespoke buildings, places, and spaces across the UK with passion and integrity. With a commitment to sustaining and improving the built and natural environment through creative excellence, HSSP Architects has garnered recognition for their innovative architectural solutions.


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