Gateley Smithers Purslow

Support Growth and Improve Efficiency

Gateley Smithers Purslow utilizes Flo10 by Milient to support growth, improve efficiency, and streamline project workflows.

The Need for a Consolidated System

GSP use Flo10, which is now part of Milient's brand.

The rapid growth of the business highlighted the need for a consolidated knowledge and project management system. Flo10 was adopted to improve internal communications, collaboration, and project quality and compliance.


Enhancing Knowledge Management

One of the key challenges associated with business growth is maintaining communication and consistency across all offices and departments. Ellen Fraser describes Flo10 as a collaborative tool that provides everyone with an understanding of company activities and easy access to the right information. Flo10 has enhanced Gateley Smithers Purslow’s culture of knowledge sharing, making it simple for staff to find and engage with company standards, guides, policies, and news. The long-term plan is to transition from internal emails and messaging services to sharing most, if not all, company communications via Flo10.

Streamlining Project Management

Prior to Flo10, project monitoring was managed through complicated and lengthy spreadsheets that required time-consuming manual updates. With an average of 2000-3000 projects to manage annually, individual updates became unmanageable. Flo10’s intelligent project tracker was introduced to allow fast and efficient access to project workflows, information, and progress reports.

Ellen Fraser explained that Gateley Smithers Purslow sought a 'one-stop-shop' where all relevant project information was centralized, improving efficiency and simplifying reporting and compliance.


Improving Employee Engagement

Project Tracker has also improved employee engagement by setting clear goals and establishing accountability. Team members can track and manage their projects from start to finish, receiving alerts when tasks are missing or overdue. This system not only enhances efficiency but also fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility among employees.

Gateley Smithers Purslow
Flo10 is fantastic, we couldn’t have achieved what we have over the last couple of years without this tool

Ellen Fraser

Business Support & IT Co-ordinator | Gateley Smithers Purslow

About Gateley Smithers Purslow

Gateley Smithers Purslow is a multi-disciplinary independent private practice established in 1978. The firm includes building and quantity surveyors, civil and structural engineers, and architects. Over the past 5-10 years, the company has grown significantly from a team of 25 to over 120, operating from 10 regional offices across the UK. In April 2022, the company was acquired by the legal and professional services group Gateley, and now trades under the name Gateley Smithers Purslow.

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