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Moment makes it easier to record hours on time

KOHT Architects wanted a project management tool specialised for the way architects work. With Moment, they obtained exactly what they needed. 

KOHT wanted a system specialised for architects

KOHT uses the product Moment, which is now part of Milient's brand.

The architect firm KOHT is based in Oslo and has six architects on their team. The projects they work on are in a range of sizes from urban planning to building rehabilitation.

When KOHT changed its project management system in 2021 and started using Moment, it was because they wanted a more specific project management tool.

“We wanted to gather all our tools in one system, minimise the time we spend on planning and get more control," says Christopher.

Earlier, they had tried other project management systems, and used Excel a lot. KOHT found that other project management tools did not quite fit the way they work:

“The system we used before was not designed for architects. We got a timeline display for the projects, but it was not linked to the timekeeping. The main reason we chose Moment was because we wanted to streamline the processes according to how we work”.

The architects have become better at tracking hours

Christopher manages the projects from Moment every day. He says that it is also a simpler system for the employees to deal with.

"It is important to have a system that is easy to use for the employees," explains Christopher, and continues:

"I find that the architects have become better at keeping hours on time after we switched to Moment. The interface is better and enables the employees to follow their progress in the projects. They can plan their hours well in advance.” 

Greater overview with all the information gathered in one place

In Moment, KOHT gets all the information in one place, says Christopher:

“All the information collected in Moment is, in theory, information we had access to previously as well. However, now we get all that information gathered in one place, and it is more easily accessible. It gives us a greater overview”. 

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Will use more features

With Moment, KOHT has been able to collect most of the functions they need in one system, but Christopher says that they still do some things manually on the side. "It could be because we don't know all the functions in Moment yet," he admits. They use Excel to keep the budget up to date, and they have their accounting in Tripletex, with integration to Moment.

The functions KOHT uses most in Moment are timekeeping, invoicing (automatically linked to the hours recorded) and resource planning. Christopher tells us that they have some work to do when it comes to using the resource planner to the full, and getting better use of it. He also wants to explore the opportunities Moment provides to better monitor the project economy, and dig deeper into it.

Happy with the support function

Christopher appreciates the good support function.

"I am very satisfied with the support in Moment and find them to be quick to respond. The help I get is informative and friendly".

“Moment makes it easier for our architects to record their hours on time.

Christopher Wilkins
CEO | KOHT Arkitekter

About KOHT Architects

KOHT Arkitekter was founded by four enthusiastic architects in 2016 and is currently based at Sagene in Oslo. In 2017, the firm was awarded the Newcomer of the Year award by the public foundation DOGA, Design and Architecture Norway.

Today, they are six architects who work on a wide range of projects: everything from master plans, cultural and church buildings, secondary schools, residential buildings and rehabilitation of existing housing. Read more about KOHT Arkitekter on their website.

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