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Improved Compliance and Communication

SDS Engineering Consultants revolutionize project management, enhancing compliance, communication, and efficiency.

The challenge

SDS use Flo10, which is now part of Milient's brand.

Prior to implementing Flo10, the Information Management System (IMS) at SDS consisted of a Quality Management System (QMS) manual and process flow charts. Although staff received training, there was no integrated system to combine day-to-day project operations with compliance tasks, relevant procedures, and helpful guidance.


The solution

Flo10 has transformed SDS’s approach to project management. Key bid and project tasks are now planned, recorded, and audited in a practical management system, reducing risk.

Project Managers now find it easier to understand the requirements at various project stages. Flo10 ensures compliance with the IMS and simplifies future audits.

“If you follow Flo10 you have confidence you are compliant with our IMS and future audits. It will make life easier for all departments to have the required information at the end of the project.”
- Karen Field, Business Services Director at SDS

Communication Improvements

Flo10 enhances communication efficiency by automatically alerting project leaders to key tasks requiring attention, including approvals. This increases engagement and is more efficient than relying on email.


Easy Access to Helpful Guidance

SDS maintains a library of valuable best practice guidelines and templates. Previously, Project Managers might not be aware of available resources. With Flo10, useful guidance is easily accessible for each associated task. For example, a Project Manager needing a fire engineering consultant can instantly access the latest standard brief and supporting information.

“This removes any potential uncertainty and helps disseminate knowledge across SDS.”
- Rob Shepherd, Operations Director at SDS


Positive Team Feedback

The team’s initial feedback on Flo10 has been positive. Beyond core project management, Flo10 supports other important processes, such as managing frameworks, subconsultants, and fostering collaboration between disciplines and offices.

If you follow Flo10 you have confidence you are compliant with our IMS and future audits.

Karen Field

Business Services Director | SDS Engineering Consultants

About SDS

SDS is a forward-looking, dynamic construction consultancy specializing in the design of sustainable mechanical and electrical engineering systems for buildings. The business has grown rapidly, with over 70 staff across offices in Plymouth, Exeter, Cardiff, and Bristol.


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