Horan Rainsford Architects

Enhancing Information Management

Horan Rainsford Architects lacked an effective management system and were looking for a central portal where they could find relevant projects and documents.

Improved Engagement

Horan Rainsford Architects use Flo10, which is now part of Milient's brand.

The practice appreciates the value of bringing everything together within a single system. Mark Walker, Associate explains that the quality manual is now successfully used daily for accessing required files. Horan Rainsford Architects also appreciate the benefit of greater engagement and the clearer visibility of what everyone is working on.

“Our quality manual is now used on a daily basis.
- Mark Walker, Associate

Great Support

Horan Rainsford Architects are pleased with the support and capabilities of Flo10. Mark Walker explains there is always an enthusiasm to utilise with the solution which works well. The company are looking forward to extending the functionality further including the contribute and reading list modules.

Flo10 offered even more than just a management system.
- Mark Walker, Associate
Horan Rainsford
We were looking for a centralised platform to find pertinent information.

Brian Rainsford
Director | Horan Rainsford Architects

About Horan Rainsford Architects

Based in Blackrock, Horan Rainsford Architects undertake all types of work, from private domestic commissions to large-scale commercial developments.

Horan Rainsford Architects are driven by the collaborative application of design excellence and attention to detail. These values led to the investment in Flo10 which has led to a notable improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of how information is shared across various platforms and departments.

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