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Next Level Collaboration & Compliance

SGP introduced Flo10, a Milient solution, to deliver the knowledge base and underpin compliance with their Quality Management System as well as foster a collaborative working environment.

The Challenge of Managing Knowledge and Workflows

SGP use Flo10, which is now part of Milient's brand.

Before implementing Flo10, SGP relied on key staff members to ensure necessary project tasks were completed using tools such as document checklists, a separate PIM system, and a basic intranet. As workloads increased, it became challenging to keep teams informed of the latest best practices and official processes.

Enhancing Compliance and Safety Standards

Flo10 ensures that quality knowledge is available to everyone, supporting technical queries and resolving problems by connecting colleagues with the required expertise. The tracker feature captures necessary project information for compliance with Professional Indemnity and ISO (9001 and 14001) standards. The platform is particularly effective in addressing the latest Building Safety Bill and the new competence requirements for the Principal Designer role, enabling SGP to quickly identify high-rise building projects and maintain a 'golden thread' of fire safety information.

Promoting Knowledge Sharing Through a Matrix Structure

SGP works across ten sectors and promotes knowledge sharing through a matrix structure of sector-focused champions and cross-sector support groups, such as the design team. For example, the design group might discuss new efficiencies and lessons learned in the residential sector that are relevant to other sectors as well.

"You have access to all the important related sector knowledge such as parameters documents, standard specifications, useful examples, the latest guidance, and our approved portfolios.”
- Marcus Madden-Smith, Partner

Flo10 supports this knowledge management challenge by structuring digital assets into a single, easy-to-use interface.

Future Development: Project Intelligence

The next phase of Flo10 implementation will introduce project landing pages to create a valuable knowledge library supporting future bids and projects. This feature will include lessons learned, images, design documents, and reports. The BIM Execution Plan (BEP) and access to the collaboration tool (the CDE) will also be clearly displayed to assist the team on live projects.

Flo10 is a way of working more efficiently and collaboratively. It helps us spread the word easily and tick the right boxes as we progress through the project.

Marcus Madden-Smith
Partner | Stephen George + Partners

About Stephen George + Partners

Stephen George + Partners (SGP) is a progressive AJ100 practice with offices in London, Leicester, Leeds, Birmingham, and Solihull. Established in 1970, the company is committed to promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration both internally and with other stakeholders.

Over the past five years, SGP has made strategic IT investments, including cloud infrastructure and Flo10 for knowledge and project process management.

“We are a growing business with an aim to continuously improve communications, collaboration, and working methods.”

- Marcus Madden-Smith, Partner


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