Stiftelsen Kulturmiljövård

Now I can follow the project from the time I plan it until the invoice goes to the customer

Stiftelsen Kulturmiljövård thought it would be difficult to find the right system, but then they found Milient


Stiftelsen Kulturmiljövård use the product Millnet Tid & Projekt, which is now part of the Milient brand.

Why were you looking for a new system?

In order to have a solution that suited their unique industry, they had previously built their own system. However, over time, the solution felt too narrow and the lack of integrations with their external systems made them yearn for something new.

"As we had built the previous solution ourselves, it required a lot of time for maintenance and in the end, we felt that it was unsustainable. That's when these thoughts started regarding finding a solution where we could integrate our entire business into one system, and then we came across Millnet," says Camilla, archaeologist at Stiftelsen Kulturmiljövård.

Which solution was chosen and why?

Since Stiftelsen Kulturmiljövård has a project-based way of working, Tid & Projekt (Time & Project) became the perfect foundation for them with integration to both financial and payroll systems. In addition to this, they also chose Millnet Analytics for more detailed follow-up. This, as their business has over 200 projects to manage annually, many of which run over several years.

"Project follow-up is incredibly important to us so that we can see the relationship with the budget and schedule. That's where the analytics tool is superb. It is very user-friendly and easy to operate and provides quick information on how the projects are progressing. And now, as a project manager, with the integrated invoicing, I can follow the project from the time I plan it until the invoice goes to the customer. It kind of means that you get a much better overall grasp of your projects," says Camilla.

What are the biggest gains?

Previously, their work was divided into several locations and in different systems, which made it difficult to get an overview. However, when they switched to Millnet, it became easy.

"With Millnet, I have everything in one and the same system. I don't need to have a shadow budget over there or an Excel sheet with people's hours, with who put in what. It's great," says Camilla.

In addition to this and the possibility of follow-up, the big difference compared to running a system yourself is also noticeable. Instead of spending time on maintenance, they now automatically receive new updates and new features without having to lift a finger.

How have you experienced the contact with Millnet (now Milient)?

When you have a unique industry and are not entirely sure how you want everything to work in the system, it can be difficult to find the right one. However, with help from both the salesperson and the operations consultant, the Cultural Environment Foundation found the perfect solution.

“The contact has been fantastic. Both Magnus and Daniel showed great patience with our organisation and they have been good educators and are very accommodating," says Camilla.

“Now I can follow the project from the time I plan it until the invoice goes to the customer.”

Camilla Ekblom
Archaeologist | Stiftelsen Kulturmiljövård

About Stiftelsen Kulturmiljövård

Stiftelsen Kulturmiljövård was established in 2005 and has been using Millnet (now Milient) since 2018. Here, archaeologists  work with cultural environment conservation activities, mainly with assignments and projects in archaeology, building conservation and cultural environment conservation. They are based in Västerås, but also have offices in Stockholm and Norrköping.


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