Head Energy

Moment is a very flexible system, with a phenomenal support department

The engineers at Head Energy always have an overview of their data.

Head Energy needed a new system

Head Energy  uses the product Moment, which is now part of Milient's brand.

We started a new type of operation, and we saw that the systems we already used needed to fit our new way of working.

One of the employees in one of our new companies had experience with Moment from before, so the road to getting a demo of the system was short. 

Good access control

We wanted something other than a stamp-based system. In Head Energy, the employees themselves are involved in creating projects and adding and entering information.

The access control in Moment is endless, and it ensures our quality. The correct people can make changes, but also security because only some can make changes in the settings.

Flexible system

We experience Moment as a very flexible system where we always have access to all our information. We also have complete control over how we want to extract this information, and we can customise all our views and reports.

On the accounting side, it is straightforward to meet the customer's needs for how they want to receive invoices, both on a fixed basis and exceptionally for slightly special projects.

The support department is phenomenal!

Moment's support department is phenomenal, knowledgeable and service-minded and gives quick responses.

We have made some significant adjustments to the system that have taken some time, and the support department has taken on parts of the extra work that has simplified it for us until a permanent solution is in place.

“We experience Moment as a very flexible system where we have access to all our information at all times. We also have complete control over how we want to extract this information.”

Christel Olsen
Accounting | Head Energy

About Head Energy

Head Energy is an independent Scandinavian engineering and consultancy firm focusing on construction, infrastructure, energy and industry.

The company was founded in 2010 and had offices in Bergen (HQ), Stavanger, Oslo, Esbjerg and Krakow. Since the company's start, they have become a respected and reliable supplier of engineering and project management personnel to Norwegian and international projects and customers.


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We have benefited so much from Moment's system. We are very grateful.
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We have really been able to grow with the system.