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Moment facilitates our everyday life

CEO of HUS Arkitekter, Øyvind Hegvik, wants to spend as little time as possible on project management.

Issues in their previous project system

HUS Arkitekter  uses the product Moment, which is now part of Milient's brand.

Back in 2016, HUS Arkitekter chose a project management system that was supposed to be tailored for HUS. Unfortunately, this turned out to work poorly.

Siv Skogstad, office manager, and CFO at HUS, says that the biggest problem was that they couldn't trust the solution.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of errors in their previous system, but she emphasises that she doesn't think the supplier knowingly delivered a bad solution, but that they simply didn't understand HUS' needs.

Øyvind, for his part, perceived the system as not very user-friendly.

Saved by Moment

One day, in 2017, the partners in HUS received a presentation of Moment. Almost immediately and unanimously, the reaction was:

"This is what we need!"

HUS was also advised on which accounting system they could fully integrate with Moment, which was also decisive for making the choice.

"It's been a happy marriage!"

Øyvind believes Moment gives them very simple and intuitive control of time, people and projects.

- Everything in the system seemed very simple, almost banal – and it shows that you have understood it! We do not have time to learn complicated things from data – that is not what we are doing. We also noticed that you speak our language, and you understand what we are doing and what is difficult for us.

Siv further says that they had been looking for a system for many years and had presentations with several of these.

- There are many who think they can project, but they certainly don't know enough about how architect projects work!

Big changes – for the better

After the transition to Moment, HUS has received a very good overview of how employees are booked for projects in the future as well as available capacity, says Øyvind.

- It has become easier to plan resources, and that is the main problem for a company like us, namely planning time. People and time – that's what we fight with every day!

HUS now has a greater opportunity to obtain experience figures, for example, how many hours they have spent on a sub-project, and they have continuous access to more and more data.

- If you are employed in a larger architectural office, then it is impossible to be informed about everything that is going on. We cannot go around and notifying everyone about potential projects that may not happen. In the past, there was much more uncertainty, people walked around wondering what to do and we had a staff that occasionally, and rightly so, was frustrated and unsure of what was happening. Now, it is more predictable, people are happier and happy people give better results.

Easy invoicing

The biggest relief for Siv has been invoicing. Previously, she usually had to work overtime to invoice because the solution was complicated and she had to concentrate in order not to lose the thread.

Now, she can do it at any time and needs less than a day to complete invoicing for an entire month.

- For me, it has become extremely much easier to invoice! I feel that it does not lose anything or forget anything, nothing disappears and I can trust 100% that what is in Moment is right.

Øyvind states that he wants to spend as little time as possible on project management, as it is not an architect's core business.

- Moment facilitates our everyday life, and I want to spend as little time as possible on project management – it is not our core business. It should just work, and we should spend as little time as possible on it.

Øyvind Hegvig - HUS
"Moment speaks our language. You understand what we are doing and what challenges we have."

Øyvind Hegvig
CEO and Partner | HUS Arkitekter

About HUS arkitekter

In the heart of Trondheim, Norway, sits HUS Architects, a well-known name among Norwegian builders. With over 30 employees and almost 30 years of experience, they work with all types of projects, from furniture design to large educational buildings.

Typically, larger projects are for public builders, and HUS works with very many of the country's municipalities as they have designed educational buildings throughout the country.

Neatness, reliability, professional security and overall sustainability goals are core values ​​for the architect's at HUS.

- The company must be predictable but dare to challenge where it is needed. We must be solid players in society, says CEO Øyvind Hegvik.

HUS has a goal of becoming the leading office in Central Norway and is well on its way. 

“The world is changing in a big way, and we are anticipating the consequences it will have for our industry. We have to manoeuvre in that landscape and we are very conscious of planning for it. ”


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