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I have not experienced the possibilities we have in Moment in any other system

With a wide range of services within project management, construction management and HVAC, the engineers in the Aase Group need a tool that provides flow throughout the entire project process.

The challenge

Cumbersome timekeeping created frustration for the engineers in Aase.

The Aase group consists of four companies that deal with, among other things, project management, construction management, plumbing, technical construction management, consultancy, contracts and project implementation.

As IT manager, Jon-Anders almost grimaces when he thinks back to how time management was before Aase got Moment. “We were dissatisfied with the system we had. It was cumbersome and heavy to log in, especially with regard to splitting into several activities per project", he says.

Now, Aase Prosjekt uses Moment, a product from Milient.


The solution

The flexibility in Moment provides good control over timekeeping for various activities.

After Aase switched to Moment, they have gained good control over timekeeping and invoicing. Jon-Anders likes the flexibility of Moment's time registration, and particularly points out that they have the opportunity to split the hours into different activities when they are working on a customer.

"In Moment, we can easily enter both full and half hours in the projects. When we can also split the hours into several activities, we have good control when we invoice the customer".

Aase has entered all the different activities that they spend hours on, so that they can keep track of how much time is spent in the various project phases and on different work tasks. This also means that they have an overview of what the internship is used for, e.g. skills development.

They recommend the system to other consulting engineers

When we ask Jon-Anders what he would say to others in the industry considering Moment, he does not hesitate to answer: “I would strongly recommend other engineering companies to use Moment. It is user-friendly and easy to use.”

The fact that the timekeeping function is adapted to engineering firms that work with many customers and projects is what Jon-Anders finds most useful, says Jon-Anders, and specifies:

"The fact that we can divide hours into different activities, record daily time consumption, see how many hours have elapsed - both billable and internal. The opportunities we have to divide up the hours in one and the same project in such a useful way I have not experienced in any other system."

”The time registration feature is perfectly adapted to our company, that works with many different clients and projects.

Jon-Anders Lennertzen
CTO | Aase Prosjekt As

About Aase Prosjekt AS

Aase Prosjekt AS works in consulting engineering activities. In total, they are 50 employees, who primarily work on the client's side with project management and client management for both the public and private sectors.

Aase works in the projects from the planning stage and construction period to completion and complaints. They also have a separate subsidiary that contributes to technical advice.

At Aase, they work on a wide range of projects, everything from building new office buildings, rehabilitating housing association blocks - to smaller projects. One of their biggest projects in Bærum spans several years and includes the construction of a new school, multi-purpose hall and nursing home.


The most important features for Aase in Moment

In this section, we go more in-depth on which functions Aase benefits from in Moment, and how they work with their projects.

Time management adapted to the wide range of customers and projects

“What is most useful for us in the projects is the flexible timekeeping function in Moment. The time registration function is perfectly adapted to us who work with many different clients and projects”.

Here is an example of how they manage timekeeping in Aase:

"In Moment, we can separate the hours we spend on a customer: When we have worked with a customer several hours in one day, we previously had to register everything on the same activity. In Moment, we can list our time registrations for various activities that have been carried out for the customer. For example, we may have spent 4 hours on design and 4 hours on improvements."

Seamless flow from timekeeping to invoicing

When hours are to be approved at the end of the month, it is quick for the project manager to see the status of the hours (whether they have been approved or not). The approved hours are transferred directly to the invoice.

Possibility of different price models in the same project

In Moment, Aase can set up different price models for the same project. It can e.g. be a fixed price model for one activity, and an hourly price for another activity in the project.

Automatic integration with Sharepoint

When Aase creates a project in Moment, a folder is automatically created in Sharepoint, where they gather all the documents belonging to the project. This makes it easy to keep control of documentation along the way.


Good data basis for client meetings

The engineers in Aase has the role as project manager. Aase helps the client to be in control. Jon-Anders says that Moment plays a major role in project management:

"Moment is a good tool when we sit in client meetings and construction meetings. We can retrieve key figures from Moment, and look at e.g. turnover in the project, hourly consumption, resource use, and absence figures. Moment helps us to have control, just as we help the builder to have control".

Capacity overview in the resource planner

"The resource planner is a very important tool for us," says Jon-Anders. The managers use the tool to see how much capacity they have going forward, and can see the big picture. Each employee enters how many hours they envision spending on a project that's coming up, and the manager can see where the competence is tied up and how much free time they have.

In Aase, they also ensure that the resource card of each employee is kept up-to-date with CV/competence. This is good documentation that makes it easier to see what capacity is available going forward.

Offer tools and assignment confirmations

Aase sets up offers in Moment, and when the customer accepts, creating a project directly from the offer is smooth. This minimizes duplication of work and facilitates the project to run as the customer has envisioned. "The offer function is very good," emphasizes Jon-Anders.

In Aase, they have good templates for assignment confirmation in their Sharepoint system, which are automatically linked with Moment. This means that Jon-Anders can access the intranet to create an assignment agreement, and automatically retrieve data from Moment.

Notifications for hourly consumption

In Aase, they are good at registering hours every day. They have created a set-up with various activities that make it easy to keep track of the time spent. "Clear hourly budgets in Moment make it easy to see how many hours we have left on the various projects," he says. "We set up a notification for when the hourly consumption reaches a certain level so that we can notify the customer if it becomes necessary to increase the hourly fee."


Would you like to see if Moment can suit the needs of your company?

Take control of projects and resources with a complete operational tool. Project management, time management, resource planning and invoicing. All in one system.

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