PLP Architecture

Centralise Knowledge to Boost Collaboration

PLP Architecture an AJ100 practice, implement Flo10, a Milient solution, to centralise knowledge to boost innovation and self-sufficiency.

The Challenge

PLP Architecture use Flo10, which is now part of Milient's brand.

Prior to implementing Flo10, important project documents were stored in localised folders which staff had limited access to. With the growth of the company, PLP began developing more and more documentation and guidance for staff but lacked a centralised system to share it.

Choosing Flo10

Gavin Bailey-Hague explains that the team researched a number of intranet providers but in terms of offering and functionality, Flo10’s Knowledge Management platform was the right fit for their needs. The flexibility to customise the look and feel of the intranet, alongside the ability to adapt and grow with the product were two of the key reasons for choosing Flo10 above other providers.

“We knew early on that we would have a great working relationship with Flo10.
- Gavin Bailey-Hague, Design Technology Manager

Benefits of Flo10

Together with improving access to knowledge and fostering collaboration, Flo10 has encouraged a culture of self-service as staff have access to tutorials, guidance, and best practice examples on demand. The homepage is kept up to date with important information, company news, events, and key documents so staff are always aware of the latest practice communications.

Integration and Flexibility

Paul Tupper, Senior Associate Partner at PLP Architecture, also added that Flo10 was further ahead in the ability to connect and integrate with other leading AEC software than our competitors.

Specific Use Cases

Flo10’s connection to PLP’s image library has proved particularly useful for the Tokyo office who need access to key project imagery as they run their own social media and press campaigns independently from the London office.

Adoption and Future Development

Usage of the intranet across PLP has been high and as Gavin stated, “Flo10 has just become part of daily life now”.

PLP are keen to continually develop their use of the product and ensure Flo10 is the gateway to all company information.

There was a common ground in what Flo10 were trying to achieve and what we needed from the product. I could tell we were on the same page.

Paul Tupper
Senior Associate Partner | PLP Architecture

About PLP Architecture

PLP Architecture are an AJ100 leading architectural practice with over 150 staff operating across their London, Singapore, and Tokyo offices. The company works extensively around the world on a wide range of different types of projects and has buildings under construction in the UK, The Netherlands, Italy, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, China, India, Singapore, and Japan. PLP has created some of the world’s smartest and most sustainable buildings that have redefined what it means to live and work in today’s cities. 


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