Today, we spend 70% less time on administration.

Find out how Junic got better flow in their work.

Junic use the product Millnet Bemanning and Millnet Rekrytering, which are now part of the Milient brand.

We have gotten a better flow. Even the employees think so.

Junic spent countless hours on time-consuming administration and needed a way to optimise their work. With Millnet, they can now handle the complex administrative work that staffing entails in a quick and easy way and free up time for core operations.

A big change

It is a big change that has taken place since Millnet (a part of Milient) was introduced. Previously, employees reported time on a piece of paper, at which workplace and what hours they had worked. This was then entered into an Excel sheet.

– “It was awkward. As one person could be on six different collective agreements, it was not smooth at all. Different average salaries and different collective agreements, so it was a lot of work" says Ulf Stjerneby, CEO at Junic.

Affordable for the features you get

They requested a system that could handle the complex business of staffing.

The requirement was to be able to manage salaries, invoicing, have a clear planning view and for the employees to be able to report time themselves. They simply wanted to simplify things for all parties involved the finance department, customers and employees.

- "We looked at different options and you can say that Millnet is very affordable in relation to the competitor. We didn't want it to be too expensive since we were fairly new. It was affordable for the features you get.”

Save a lot of time with Millnet

So, at the turn of the year 2011, Millnet was introduced and since then it has meant that Ulf and the colleagues in the office today spend 70% less time on administration. This is because the invoicing, which previously took 7 days, today only takes 2 days to do.

The focus can now be on the core business and not on the administrative surrounding that previously took so much time. Now, Ulf can instead spend his time visiting customers and developing his staff.

The support is quick on the ball

He points out the work Åsa does for them and that she always helps them and offers quick support. He thinks it is important. "Åsa from support is quick on the ball", says Ulf.

The future looks bright

The strategy for the future is to continue and develop the use of Millnet. They want to start using the application function so that the employees can report time via the phone. With everyone having a smartphone today, it would be easy for the employees to manage their reporting there.

In summary, Ulf is very satisfied with the use of Millnet. The tool contributes to complete control over the entire staffing process. Today, at Junic,
they spend their time on the right things.

“We save a lot of time and there has been a better flow through the process.”

Ulf Stjernberg
CEO | Junic

About Junic

Junic is a supplier of competence provision in both industry and service companies. In the Gislaved region, they are leading in staffing, rental recruitment and recruitment on the collective side. They are also one of the country's leading players in Machine Moving and Industrial Service where they take care of the entire chain both nationally and internationally. Junic has around 100 employees and works with around a hundred companies.


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