Milient Analytics

Data-Driven Insights for Better Business Decisions

Would you like to gain direct access to the vital figures that drive success for your business? With Milient Analytics, you get a powerful business intelligence tool that crunches complex data into clear, actionable insights.

Designed for business owners and managers, this tool provides a comprehensive, real-time view of your operations, enabling smarter, faster decision-making.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Understand every facet of your operation:
    Explore your key metrics through engaging and intuitive visuals. Whether it's analysing billing rates or evaluating departmental efficiency, you get a complete understanding of your operations.
  • Get a unified view of your business activities:
    Seamlessly combine data from various segments of your project management ecosystem in Milient to get a holistic view of your business. 
  • Make strategic decisions with confidence:
    Thanks to the superior data integrity you can rest assured your choices are based on the latest and most reliable information.
  • Stakeholder engagement: 
    Employ our advanced data visualisation tools to narrate your business's performance story. This facilitates clearer decision-making across your organization.
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Flexible and user-friendly

Milient Analytics is designed for efficiency and adaptability. Filter data, drill down to desired details, and export reports to Excel with ease.

Ready-made reports

Utilise the pre-designed report templates for a swift and effortless dashboard of crucial metrics.

The tool allows you to modify the reports to fit your specific needs. With easy-to-follow steps, you can create custom reports that provide the insights you need to make informed decisions.



See Milient Analytics in action

Watch this brief video to see how Milient Analytics can revolutionise your data handling, offering clarity and actionable insights in just a few clicks.

Comprehensive Real-Time Insights

Milient Analytics offers real-time insights into key metrics, trends, and developments in your business operations. It provides easy access to relevant data, enabling you to make informed decisions quickly. 

Visualise your data in a way that makes sense to better understand your business. Plus, with our expert support, you can be confident you're using the platform to its fullest potential.

“A Reliable Tool That Has Transformed Our Data Analysis.”

The engineering team at Aase Prosjekt generated a vast amount of data and were in dire need of an effective analysis tool beyond the capabilities of Excel. Upon being introduced to Milient Analytics for testing, they instantly recognized it as the indispensable tool they had been searching for.

Jon-Anders Lennertzen | IT Responsible | Aase Prosjekt AS

Do you also want to make decisions based on data-driven insights? We are happy to show you the possibilities.

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Make the right decisions based on data-driven insights

Analytics help you better understand your operations and make more informed decisions based on reliable data.
Here are some of the key features that set Moment Analytics apart:

Analyse and visualise operations: get a comprehensive overview of your business operations, allowing you to see the current state of your business and drill down into details as needed. 

Combine data from multiple places: integrates data from multiple pages in your Milient software, allowing you to see the bigger picture of your business operations.  Analysing data from across your organisation can give you a more comprehensive view of your operations.

Tell a story: Our tool uses data visualisation and storytelling techniques to help you better understand your data and identify trends and patterns. This helps you present your data to the rest of your organisation in an informative and engaging way.

Improve data quality: Highlight the areas where data quality could be improved, helping you make better decisions based on accurate and reliable data.

Milient's many features

Do you work with projects, hours and resources? If so, you may have also felt the feeling of not having full control in the same system. In Milient, you can collect all the features in one place.

Project management

Tailor Milient to fit your projects exactly. You get full control and an overview with all information in one place.

Resource planning

Which consultants are available for assignments, and do you have the right expertise in the right place? With resource planning, you get a full capacity overview.

Quality assurance

Make quality assurance a natural part of the work with non-conformity management and checklists closely integrated into the projects.


Flexible timekeeping adapted to the activities and projects you work in. You get a full overview of time use – with the automatic calculation of the overtime balance, of course.

Travel & Expenses

Have you had expenses on your trips for work? All employees can easily register travel expenses in Milient. Take pictures with your mobile phone and upload them to your inbox.


Timekeeping is easily transferred to invoicing. You always see how much you have invoiced and what remains in your budgets.

Task management

With detailed projects, you need good tools to handle the tasks. The task board in Milient makes the job a breeze.


Ready-made templates allow you to efficiently create offers. Once the customer has accepted, you can create the project with a few keystrokes.

Holidays and absences

Milient helps you keep track of all employees' holidays and absences. Each employee can easily enter their absences, which makes it easier to plan for future capacity. 

Spend less time on administration and free up more time for everything else.