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Smarter task management and quality control

– for modern accounting.

Milient Quality is a modern and cloud-based tool for quality assurance, task management, timekeeping and invoicing.

Take your routines and quality work into the future

As an accountant, it is not only important that the accounts are correct, but also that everything is carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations. In Milient, you can tailor the routines to best practice in your company.

Milient also makes it easier for Norwegian accountants to comply with the GRFS requirements. Read more about Norwegian accounting laws at Regnskap Norge (external link).

Customers, assignments and employees in focus

In Milient, your customers, assignments and employees are in focus. Based on these factors, tasks and activities are made. It is easy to connect documents and carry out quality control and non-conformance management in a clear way.

All your employees can easily carry out tasks to the letter, take risks into account, fill in checklists and register non-conformities.

Routine setup adapted to best practice at your agency

Milient is so flexible that you can define the best practice in your agency, and Milient will help you follow this.

Choose which modules in Milient you need. Of course, we have a lot of integration possibilities, which makes integrations with other systems super easy.


3 key functions you will benefit from in Milient

1. Task management

Tailored to the working methodology of your accounting agency


2. Smart documentation

With automatic logging

3. Nonconformity control

Done simply and clearly

Would you like to have a chat with us about how Milient can be adapted to your accounting firm?

Accountancy firms love these features of Milient:

  • Checklist and templates
  • Non-conformity management
  • Risk management
  • Routines
  • Targets and evaluation
  • Competence
  • Reporting and analyses
linda sunde

“I love that Milient is so agile.”

The accounting firm Aider is committed to being good advisers for their customers, and Milient is a good tool for them to see the overall picture and proactively follow up on the customers.  

Linda Sunde
Office Manager and Accountant | Aider