Advertising and media agencies

Get more time for creativity and customers

Do you work with design, advertising, media or PR?

In Milient, you can gather budgets, projects, resource planning, quality assurance and invoicing in one and the same system.

Gather all your administrative features in one system

In a hectic everyday life, a lot of time is spent managing hours, creating a budget, planning resources, ensuring quality and other administrative tasks. All this takes away time from the fun and important stuff: Working with customers.

Having all the administrative functions in one system saves you time, and gives you all the control you need.

Smart handling of complex invoices with activities

In creative agencies, you often handle complex invoices with multiple different activities.

If your agency, for example, sells SEO services, there may be a partial delivery with web analytics, advertising and CRO in addition. In Milient, this is easy to set up in invoicing and gives you a flexible way to conduct financial project management.

Flexible time reporting

In Milient, all employees can register hours in a simple and flexible way. You get a good overview of time spent in the project, and the forecast functionality makes it easy to see what capacity you have to take on new projects and customers.

Features that advertising agencies love:

1. Save time in the quotation process

In Milient, you can make an offer to a potential customer, which the customer can accept digitally.

From there, you can convert the offer into a project. This means that you avoid the double work of writing the info into different systems (say goodbye to the Excel sheets!), and you can easily follow up on time consumption and invoicing against the original offer.


2. Smooth invoicing

In most agencies, deliveries to clients consist of many different activities. In Milient, it is easy to set up partial deliveries with the specified hours spent on various activities.

You retain control throughout the entire invoicing process, and the customers understand what they are being invoiced for.

3. Great integrations

Integrations with other systems automate your everyday life! If, for example, you work with advertising in social media, integrations ensure that the costs are automatically linked to projects and project expenses. You can effectively invoice expenses.

Milient is also connected to accounting systems so that you can keep track of the payment status of your customers.


4. Capacity forecast

Keep track of what capacity you have for taking on new projects and clients.

In Milient, you get an easy overview of the projects and employees, and you can know what time your employees are available (and not available). You can also group the resources by skill type, seniority level or location.

5. Reporting

Get detailed reports, where you can see how the projects deliver and what your employees have been working on.

Reports lets you keep an eye on whether you reach your goals, retrieve figures for departments, subject areas or employees.

Would you like to see how Milient can give you better flow in your everyday life? We are happy to show you!
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Simpler forward billing

Onward invoicing to your customers and distribution of costs becomes much easier with integrations to both accounting systems and industry-specific systems such as Google Ads and Facebook.

"The many completed integrations are pure gold to us – and they enable us to work efficiently with onward invoicing." - Magnus Strømnes Bøe, Rocket Agency

Henriette Leikanger

”“Moment has given us operational flexibility while providing user-friendly project and reporting tools.”

Henriette Leikanger | COO of Ahead Group