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Milient started as a merger of Moment Team AS and Millnet AB, in March 2023. In april 2024 we was happy to welcome Flo10 onboard. Every day over 80 employees work for the same goal: Developing the best project system.

Who we are

On 1 March 2023, Moment Team AS and Millnet AB became Milient Software. Read more about this

In April 2024, we welcomed Flo10 on board: Read about the acquirement.

With offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom and Vietnam, we are proud of being the Nordic region's largest SaaS provider within project management, including timekeeping, resource planning, quality assurance, staffing, and recruitment. 

Every day, our skilled employees work to develop the best system that will make your everyday life easier.


What is our business?

Milient is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company that develops complete software for project management.

Project-oriented companies with employees such as architects, consultants, accountants, IT consultants, engineers, and more typically use our products.

Our products have a rich menu of features, which includes project management, timekeeping, invoicing, staffing, quality assurance, resource planning, and much more.

In other words, we seamlessly offer everything you need for your administrative work.

Our employees are our most important value.

We like to get together often in and throughout each of our countries. In Milient, everyone is given enough time to further develop themselves.


Our teams

Whether you are already a customer or you want to learn more about us, you will be in contact with several of our teams. Here you can read more about the various departments and their areas of responsibility.
Your first meeting with us is with the

Sales Team

We proudly refer to our sales representatives as our experts, as that is truly what they are: Experts in offering solutions to our customers every day. No matter which industry you belong to or how many employees you have, our sales team will find the solution that suits you best.

Want to talk to an expert? Feel free to send us an email.

Then, you will meet


When you decide to start using Milient, our onboarding team will help you get started.

We have implementation and onboarding packages suitable for all types of companies. If you want to import data from previous systems, we have a separate import team to help you with that.

Whether your business is large or small, complex or simple - we help you get started smoothly and efficiently!

You may also need


After you are completely onboarded and have had introduction and training, you are ready to use Milient! However, it is still necessary sometimes to get help and answers to your questions. Our support team is prepared to answer you!

Contact them via chat, phone or email!

Milient is developed with the help of the

Product department

Our product owners are constantly working to develop Milient's products in line with the industries' needs. They maintain a dialogue with our customers, the market, and all the departments in Milient to ensure that our products are the best on the market!
And the tech is taken care of by


Our talented developers work in close collaboration with the product department. They love digging into the code to find scalable and technically sound solutions to make Milient's products a little better every day. They are not in direct dialogue with the market or customers, but we would not have the excellent products we have today without the developers. That is something our customers can confirm!
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Three happy faces comprise the marketing department. Two of them are located in Oslo, and one is in Linköping. Together, we ensure that Milient is the best brand ever!

The Management team

Chief Executive Officer
Lars Owe Berge Nyland
+47 934 24 200
Chief Financial Officer
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Country Manager Sweden
Mats Lindskog
+46 13 470 40 01
Chief Marketing Officer
Elin Ulset
+47 905 07 419
Head of Sales & Rev Ops (interim)
Stefan af Bjur
+46 76 103 55 95
Chief Customer Officer
Daniel Svelin
+46 73 682 72 19
Chief Product Officer (interim)
Aud Brouwer
+47 404 47 073
Chief Technology Officer
Karl Bendixby
+47 907 79 705
Commercial Director UK
Matthew Nickerson


+44 (0)115 989 4026 
Chief Product Officer
Tina Victoria Austdal Andersen

(on leave)  


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