Knowledge management

Connect your people to the right information

Flo10 is a knowledge management system that connects your people and processes, improving accessibility and supporting project management.

Designed for architects, engineers, and construction consultants, our platform integrates with industry leading software to give you everything you need throughout each stage of a project.

Accessible project data

Reinforce intelligent design and professional standards through a system which will make project information more accessible in your practice.

Give clear visibility of key project history to help support excellence in the future.

Reduce future risk by making it easy to access knowledge, including lessons learned, and offer better outcomes by providing relevant examples from successful projects.

Make use of features such as:
  • Project gallery, pages, and map
  • Filtered search 
  • Upload documents and links
Flo10 Gallery
A screenshot of Flo10, a knowledge management solution by Milient
Flo10 Homepage
A screenshot of Flo10, a knowledge management solution by Milient

Inform staff with relevant information

Keep everyone up-to-date with the latest news from across your company and your industry with our social media integrations.

Users can save pages and follow tags to stay in the loop with their interests.

Our reading list assigns 'required reading' to individuals or groups defined by rules and tracks their interactions.

Features include:
  • Publish articles or link external news
  • Events and CPD with tracking
  • Segment content via channels and tagging
  • Reading lists and reminders

Get a sneak peek of Flo10, our knowledge management software:

Would you like to see how Flo10 works in practice? We are happy to show you around!

Susan Hayes - Leonard Design Architects

It is useful to have everything in one place and this is saving us time.

Leonard Design Architects refer to Flo10 to locate quality knowledge and best practice guidance.

Susan Hayes
Admin & Facilities Manager | Leonard Design Architects

Create pages that suit you

Design and build unlimited pages with the flexible Content Management System (CMS). 

Your ‘Knowledge Experts’ can be assigned pages via page delegation to ensure pages are up-to-date and controlled by the best in their field.

Make informed decisions with analytics

Review user activity across the site to highlight popular content and user engagement. 

Analytics show how your knowledge base is performing to continuously improve performance and drive project excellence.


Milient's many features

Do you work with projects, hours and resources? If so, you may have also had the feeling of not having full control in the same system. In Milient, you can collect all the features in one place.

Project management

Tailor Milient to fit your projects exactly. You get full control and an overview with all information in one place.

Resource planning

Which consultants are available for assignments, and do you have the right expertise in the right place? With resource planning, you get a full capacity overview.

Quality assurance

Make quality assurance a natural part of the work with non-conformity management and checklists closely integrated into the projects.


Flexible timekeeping adapted to the activities and projects you work in. You get a full overview of time use – with the automatic calculation of the overtime balance, of course.

Travel & Expenses

Have you had expenses on your trips for work? All employees can easily register travel expenses in Milient. Take pictures with your mobile phone and upload them to your inbox.


Timekeeping is easily transferred to invoicing. You always see how much you have invoiced and what remains in your budgets.

Task management

With detailed projects, you need good tools to handle the tasks. The task board in Milient makes the job a breeze.


Ready-made templates allow you to efficiently create offers. Once the customer has accepted, you can create the project with a few keystrokes.

Holidays and absences

Milient helps you keep track of all employees' holidays and absences. Each employee can easily enter their absences, which makes it easier to plan for future capacity. 

Spend less time on administration and free up more time for everything else.