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Flo10 is the leading knowledge management system, designed specifically for the AEC industry.

Explore a selection of screenshots from our demo system to get a better understanding of our capabilities. With our CMS and unlimited subpages the possibilities are endless. Take a look at a selection of our core pages within Flo10.

Custom Flo10 Home Page

A screenshot of an example Flo10 home landing page

Home Landing Page

Each user can curate their own feed with topics of interest as well as have access to practice communications, project updates, task reminders, and best practice examples. The landing page can also include alerts to complete required tasks and an overview of key performance metrics.

Topic Subpages

Build unlimited intranet pages on topics such as teams and best practice information pages to enable staff to find helpful answers to specific questions on topics of interest.

Delegated 'page owners’ can be assigned to pages to ensure they stay up-to-date and relevant.

Custom Landing Page

A screenshot of an example Flo10 subpage

CMS Builder

A screenshot of the Flo10 page builder

CMS Page Builder

Create and edit your intranet with our easy to use page builder. Start from scratch or use one of our ready made templates. Simply drag and drop content where you want it and style each page to match your brand.


Easily upload posts for greater awareness of all the things happening across the practice. This can include latest staff and project news, upcoming key events e.g. CPD and meetings, topic discussions, reading lists, and learning materials.

User can also like, comment, and bookmark posts. 


A screenshot of a Flo10 post

Project Page-1

A screenshot of a Flo10 project page

Project Page

Give clearer visibility of key project history to help support excellence in the future. Reduced future risk through making it easy to access knowledge including lessons learned and offer better outcomes by providing relevant examples from successful projects.

Project Gallery

With an array of search functions, users can find examples from successful projects to help deliver excellence in current and future projects.

Project Gallery

A screenshot of the Flo10 project gallery


A screenshot of the Flo10 project map

Project Map

Our engaging map tools makes it easy to find projects in specific locations. Projects can be plotted manually or by existing location data.

Flo10 can display areas including LPA boroughs to support planning applications. Custom zones can be also be uploaded.

Staff Search

A screenshot of the Flo10 team directory

Team Directory

Search and filter through staff with an array of filters that you define. Check availability with Microsoft Teams integrations. 

Profile Pages

Profile pages are a great way to track staff competencies and experience. Your team can also track their own training and CPD with the help from Flo10 events tracking. Creating a library of CVs and skills will help you prove staff competence and build the right teams for your projects.

Profile Page

A screenshot of a Flo10 profile page

Reminders and Reading List-1

A screenshot of  Flo10 reading lists

Reading Lists

The reading list assigns content to specific users. Rules can be configured to automate the ‘required reading’ based on defined tags such as company policies.

The content on each reading list page is personal to the individual user. Users can see their bookmarked posts, favourite pages, and their followed tags.


Search provides fast results when looking for answers across the system. Results include posts, articles, links, events, staff, projects, and files based on keywords and tags.

Key results can also be promoted to the top of the search to increase the visibility of essential content.

Flo10 Search Results

A screenshot of Flo10 search

Screenshot 2024-05-22 095642-1

A screenshot of the Flo10 project map

Content Review

The Content Review feature streamlines the evaluation and validation of various content types—like documents, images, videos, and web pages—to meet compliance standards. It records reviews, alerts responsible users as deadlines near, and facilitates content verification within set review periods.

Milient's many features

Are you constantly juggling projects, hours, and resources? If so, you have likely experienced the frustration of lacking complete control within a single system. With Milient, you can consolidate all these essential features into one convenient hub, empowering you with unparalleled efficiency.

Project management

Tailor Milient to fit your projects exactly. You get full control and an overview with all information in one place.

Resource planning

Which consultants are available for assignments, and do you have the right expertise in the right place? With resource planning, you get a full capacity overview.

Quality assurance

Make quality assurance a natural part of the work with non-conformity management and checklists closely integrated into the projects.


Flexible timekeeping adapted to the activities and projects you work in. You get a full overview of time use – with the automatic calculation of the overtime balance, of course.

Travel & Expenses

Have you had expenses on your trips for work? All employees can easily register travel expenses in Milient. Take pictures with your mobile phone and upload them to your inbox.


Timekeeping is easily transferred to invoicing. You always see how much you have invoiced and what remains in your budgets.

Task management

With detailed projects, you need good tools to handle the tasks. The task board in Milient makes the job a breeze.


Ready-made templates allow you to efficiently create offers. Once the customer has accepted, you can create the project with a few keystrokes.

Holidays and absences

Milient helps you keep track of all employees' holidays and absences. Each employee can easily enter their absences, which makes it easier to plan for future capacity. 

Spend less time on administration and free up more time for everything else.

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