Milient for staffing and recruitment

Effective staffing and recruitment

Gather everything from advertisements to recruitment in one place.

Effective staffing

Milient's staffing system is an operating system specifically designed for those who work in staffing. A modern web-based solution that provides total control over the entire staffing process. This helps you avoid the time-consuming work of interpreting collective agreements time and time again, and gives you a clear overview of where your staff is located.

By gathering everything you need in one place and working with tools adapted for your needs, you save a lot of time on administrative work. Avoid having to register the same thing twice and be sure that everything with the collective agreements is handled correctly.

Save time with easy scheduling

Long or short assignments? We support both! Employees with different salaries and different schedules on the same assignment? Milient handles it gallantly! Schedule that spans 24 hours? No problem! And with the flexible schedule templates, there is no need to create a new schedule every time. You can simply choose from your existing schedules, and roll them out as far as needed.

Choose to staff manually or offer shifts to employees and let them choose where and when they can work. All shifts, manned or unmanned, are always visible in the unique planning view so that you always have a handle on the situation.

Simply, scheduling made easy!

“Today, we spend 70% less time on administration.”

Ulf Stjernberg
CEO | Junic

Salary and invoicing

Everything that the employees register can easily be used for both salary and invoicing. Managing time, driving records, expenses, additions and allowances you get all the information you need. The invoice documents can also be updated with additional rows for other expenses connected to the project.

Milient offers a wide range of integrations for both financial and payroll systems. Read more here.
“I love  Millnet's products, especially the new recruitment.”

Pernilla Aronsson
CEO | Helpman

5 reasons to choose Milient

1. Handles collective agreements

Many people spend countless hours interpreting complex collective agreements to make sure the wages are correct. With Milient, the system helps you handle it. All you have to do is enter the rules for the agreements and the system will do the rest.


2. Get control of your scheduling

With the planning view, you always have an overview of the situation. You see who is staffed and where, what has been registered and where action is needed. You can also manage absence requests.

With the flexible scheduling, you choose whether you want to schedule individual days, longer periods or send offers, so that the employees can choose their shifts themselves.

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3. Management of work time and absence

The more employees you have, the more important it is to have a good flow for registrations. In the consulting portal, employees can manage times, expenses, driving records and allowances, via both computer and mobile. You choose which functions you need.

If you want to save time regarding absence management, it's possible to also handle holiday applications. Approved applications are automatically added to both the employees' schedule and in the planning view so that you always have full control of your available staff!


4. Integrations

We know that with a workflow customised for your needs, you work more efficiently and avoid having to do the same thing twice. Therefore, we offer a large range of integrations with both our own solutions and external systems. This allows you to choose what you need, and also keep the parts of your existing solution that already work, such as financial and payroll systems.

5. Detailed analysis possibilities

What went well, and what can be improved? Replace your gut feeling with actual data to make the right decisions.

Always having access to the key figures of your business makes it easier to make good and well-founded decisions. It doesn't matter if you want to look at the registered time, absences, expected revenue or detailed profitability forecasts. Everything is there and never more than a few clicks away.

Do you want to know more about how the system would work for your recruitment needs?

Get control of your recruiting

There is a lot to think about when advertising. Creating advertisements, follow up, receiving applications and finding the best candidate for the position. This can be complicated and time-consuming,  but with the right tools, it becomes easy.

With Milient's recruitment solution, you get control over the entire recruitment flow, from advertisement to recruitment, no matter where you are. All this is done by gathering the functions you need in one place, and with a responsive design to anable you to work even on your smartphone. The system can be integrated with several of our other solutions if you want to move the won candidates to your project or staffing system. Want to know more?

Smooth handling of candidates

Everyone who applies for your positions is automatically added to the searchable candidate database in the system. Here, you can manage their applications, see information and history as well as communicate with the candidates. Everything is linked to the candidate profiles making it easy to filter out the best match for the position, based on their information.

Don't waste time logging in repeatedly every day, just to see if there's any new applicants. With Milient, you can choose to receive an notification via SMS when new applications are received.

Avoid complicated solutions

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