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It has worked very smoothly and more customers will switch over

Redeko needed to find a flexible solution for deviation management on behalf of their customers. They found what they were looking for at Milient.

Redeko is a Millnet Byråpartner using Millnet Närvaro for ther clients. These solutions are  now part of the Milient brand.

Why did Redeko look for new systems for managing time reports and expenses?

From the beginning, the work was handled entirely in paper form, but several of Redko's customers had, for a long time, wanted to modernise by switching to a digital solution. However, it was difficult to find a suitable system that could meet their needs without leading to high costs. However, in the end, they found the perfect solution with Millnet Närvaro.

What special requirements were there?

Different customers have different needs and, therefore, it is useful to have a system that can be adapted. For the school that was among the first at Redeko to switch to Millnet Närvaro, there were a lot of things to think about.

“It's not that easy when you work with schools with holiday services and such. It's a bit of a special arrangement and there aren't that many people who support all that at a reasonable price," says Kristin, accounting consultant and authorised payroll consultant at Redeko.

What are the biggest gains?

One of the benefits, which is clearly noticeable, is the time saving for both the client and the agency itself. Something that is due, among other things, to the fact that paper no longer needs to be sent back and forth. Now, everything from time reporting to payroll is done digitally. In addition, the system makes it easy for the customers' staff to do scheduling and time reporting correctly.

"Those who work at the school are much happier now that they are a bit more modern and can get employer certificates much faster. I save a number of hours a month importing the salary documents instead of registering them manually," says Kristin.

Since Redeko, in addition to the systems for their customers, also uses Millnet Lönecentral, they have also gained a better overview of their payroll work. It enables them to keep track of customers throughout the month and see when the time registrations are certified and ready for payroll processing.

How have you experienced the contact with Milient (formerly Millnet)?

Getting started with something new can easily feel like a chore, but with flexible solutions and knowledgeable staff as help, the experience will be much better.

“I've had Åsa as my support and I couldn't be happier. If there has been something, she answers immediately and helps out. So it has gone much more smoothly than I thought it would, especially with all the special arrangements that I have at this school," says Kristin.

“It has worked very smoothly and more customers will switch over.”

Kistin Jacobsson
Accounting consultant and authorised payroll consultant | Redeko

About Redeko

Redeko is a medium-sized agency with offices in Gävle. Today, there are 14 colleagues who work with, among other things, payroll processing, invoicing and accounting. In addition to this, they also help their customers to digitise by offering smart solutions for time and deviation reporting.


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