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Now it's easy to follow up on what we spend our time on and whether the customers are profitable

LR Revision & Redovisning Örebro/Vingåker made the collaboration between its offices easier with Milient

LR Revision & Redovisning Örebro/Vingåker use the product Millnet Time & Project, which is now part of the Milient brand.

The challenge

The accounting firm LR Revision & Redovisning Örebro/Vingåker consists of four offices. These offices initially used different systems, which led to unnecessary difficulties in their collaboration. It was difficult to get an overview and follow up the employees' time and the working methods differed between the offices.

They started looking for a common solution that could manage both time reporting and invoicing. That's when they found Millnet Time and Project. We spoke with Erik Wallin, Office manager and operations coordinator at LR Revision & Redovisning Örebro/Vingåker, about how their journey has been so far.

The solution

Of the four offices own by LR Revision & Redovosning Örebro/Vingåker, Örebro was the first to make the switch. The other three offices followed in the following years. This way of implementation gave them time to evaluate the system before making the switch for everyone. It also made the transition for the other offices extra smooth, as they were already well acquainted with the system.

"Now it's easy to follow up on what we spend our time on and whether the customers are profitable", says Erik Wallin at LR Revision & Redovisning Örebro/Vingåker.

LR Revision & Redovisning Örebro/Vingåker also uses Milient's Analysis tool in addition to Millnet Time & Project,. This is a tool that Erik Wallin has greatly benefited from in his role as office manager and operations coordinator. In addition to the standardized reports in Milient Analytics, they have customized reports to be able to follow up on all the aspects that are important to them. It helps them know if they are on the right track and where adjustments may be needed.

Room to grow and change

LR Revision & Redovosning Örebro/Vingåker works a lot with their work processes and continuously evaluates whether they are using the right products in the right way. This led them to implemented Accountec Byråportal, in addition to their Milient solutions. An acocuting solution which is easily integrated with Milient's system.

The combination of Milient and Accountec allows them to gather their offices in one platform and use the portal's functions in addition to Millnet Tid & Projekt's time reporting and invoicing. They have just begun to use the Accountec Byråportal, but will soon familiarize themselves with all the functions in order to be able to use both the portal and the integration between the systems to an even greater extent.

Today, they use Accountec for customer awareness and have also started testing the planning tool. With the help of the integration, they can transfer time registrations from Millnet Tid & Projekt and plan their time based on previous time consumption. This solution helps them save time planning.

"With the integration, we get it on paper: this is how much time we've spent in previous months or last year.  That makes planing easier", says Erik Wallin at LR Revision & Redovisning Örebro/Vingåker.

Always quick responses from support

Regardless of where in the process they were, they feel that the contact with Milient has been great. Erik Wallin particularly points out how much they appreciate the quick answers they get when they ask questions.

“The support team is incredibly quick to respond. As soon as you send in a support email, you are almost shocked that they are on it right away.”, Erik Wallin concludes.  

”Now it's easy to follow up on what we spend our time on and whether the customers are profitable”

Erik Wallin
Office manager and operations coordinator  | LR Revision & Redovisning Örebro/Vingåker  

About LR Revision & Redovisning Örebro/Vingåker

LR is a nationwide network that can be found in around 60 locations in Sweden. Of these, LR Revsion & Redovisnng Örebro/Vinåker owns four offices: Örebro, Vingåker, Kumla and Lindesberg. Here they have a total of approx. 50 employees who work with accounting, auditing and payroll management.

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