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Moment is beautiful visually and easy to understand for architects

Moment is the best software on the market. They are constantly working on developing the system with new features.

Excellent user experience for creative workers

Dissiong+Weitling uses the product Moment, which is now part of Milient's brand.

When the architects in Dissing+Weitling needed a new project management system, CFO Ole worked thoroughly to research the different systems available on the market.

After careful consideration, Moment was the system that stood out. It is hard to find a system that visually pleases creative architects.

"Moment is so good visually, and it is easy for architects to get acquainted with the system and put it to use,"  says Ole.

With the creative minds of the architects, it is important that the system has a good user experience and a simple user interface.

Curious about how Moment works?

Smooth onboarding

Changing the project management system is always demanding, but with Moment the onboarding went really well.

- It's the best software on the market

Another important factor for Dissing+Weitling was that Moment, now a part of Milient, had (and has) a large development department and is constantly evolving.

Dissing+Weitling's previous system had been rebuilt so many times that it could no longer be upgraded. Moment has a simple platform with many features. "Moment is constantly working to develop the system, with new functions and user interfaces, and that is very valuable for us," says Ole.

“Moment is so good visually, and it is easy for architects to get acquainted with the system and put it to use.”

Ole Rejmers
CFO | Dissing+Weitling

About Dissing + Weitling

Based in Denmark, Dissing+Weitling strives to create good experiences through architecture within Mobility, Building and Cultural Heritage and transformation. They want to make a difference and move you physically and emotionally.

With 50 employees, they have designed Byggeriet i København, Danish Radio, head office for Rambøll, COWI and more.

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