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Effective project management and increased security with Milient

Aase Group embarked on a quest to find the perfect project management tool, transitioning from cumbersome manual processes to the seamless experience of Milient Software's cloud-based solution.


The work feels safer

"Now our work is not only more efficient and accurate, but it also provides a sense of security knowing that fewer things slip through the cracks. Milient has made sure of this."

This is what Sten Kristian Schiøtz Solseth, the former Head of Administration of Aase Group, says. He played a central role in their transition to Milient's project management tool, Moment.



To the clouds with Milient

Today, Aase Group has just over 60 employees and consists of 3 companies: Aase Prosjekt AS, Aase Teknikk AS, and Aase Utvikling AS. The previous system could not handle this corporate structure in any good way, and a lot of time was lost in follow-up and quality assurance.

Tone Berg, the Office Manager at Aase Group, emphasizes the significant improvement in efficiency with our new systems.

"We have eliminated the excessive time wasted on follow-up, quality assurance, and the painstaking task of preparing reports and forecasts. The transition to a cloud solution has been a game-changer. Now absolutely everything is much simpler."

Sten nods in agreement.

"One of the more significant changes is the transition to a cloud-based solution. This makes development processes go faster, and it became easier to implement changes based on our needs and wishes," he says.

Aase Group's 5 tips to ensure a successful system implementation

 Changing systems in a large company is not done in a jiffy, but Aase Group did it with style. Here are their tips on how to make sure the switch to a new system goes as smoothly as possible:

1. Include employees from different parts of the organisation in the project group

Not only did Aase Group employ a consultant to lead the whole process, but they also had a project group with employees from different parts of the organisation.

2. Hire help from an external partner

"If we hadn't sought assistance from an external partner, I doubt we would have achieved such a strong internal foundation. It demands unwavering dedication," remarks Schiøtz Solseth.

3. Create a thorough description of the company needs

"This is central to being able to land the implementation correctly," says Schiøtz Solseth.

4. Allocate enough time internally for the transition phase

It is important to set aside the necessary time and space to prioritize the process internally.

5. Choose a system provider that understands your needs

Make sure the system is tailored to your needs right from the beginning, guaranteeing a solid foundation. For Aase Group, it was a great advantage that Milient had experience migrating from the old system Aase Group used:

"It was a reassurance that Milient knew our needs, and that it was possible to come up with wishes and individual adaptations of the system that were adapted to Aase Group. The whole process created trust and a good basis for further cooperation," Berg concludes.

A safer workday with Milient

With Milient at their back, Aase Group handles time tracking, invoicing, expenses, project follow-up, and resource planning with simple keystrokes. In addition, they use the HR module that takes care of all employee information in one place.

"In terms of security, it is an advantage to have the employee information gathered in one place. Then you do not have to remember to delete it in all the Excel sheets if someone leaves the company," says Schiøtz Solseth and continues:

"Otherwise, it's a major change that we now have easy access to key figures and forecasts. Previously, it felt like a more uncertain process because we had to export numbers and create analyses ourselves. Now we can easily extract important key figures based on desires and needs, and have them presented right away. It is precise. And it's not a big job to do it because it is intuitive to make the desired extracts from the database."

Berg agrees and also highlights the improvements they experience in terms of accounting and invoicing. The previous system did not communicate with the financial and payroll program or the bank of Aase Group. Now everything is more "seamless."

"Previously, we had many manual solutions that were more time-consuming and that allowed for errors, but when the systems are gathered in one place, we can work much more efficiently," Berg adds.

”Now, we have easy access to key figures and forecasts. Previously, it felt like a more uncertain process because we had to export numbers and create analyses ourselves. ”

Sten Schiøtz Solseth
Former Head of Administration | Aase Group

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