Project management vs. Project leadership - here's the difference

Project management and project leadership are two concepts that sound very similar. And they are: Both are about carrying out a successful project. But what sets them apart?

In this article we will explain to you the difference between project management and project leadership.

What is the definition of project management?

Project management is about the methodological processes in projects. It involves techniques that give the team control through the various phases of the project.

With good project management, you have control over the tasks in the project, and coordinate all the parts. Project management is about setting goals and milestones, planning resources and doing risk assessments.

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What is the definition of project leadership

Following up on the people in the project is essential to project leadership. Project leadership is about leading the participants in a project through the various project phases, and aims to achieve the goals set within the deadlines.

Good project leadership is about engaging, motivating, ensuring good communication and facilitating good collaboration.



So, what is the difference between project management and project leadership? 

In short, we can say that project leadership is leading a team through the phases of a project to achieve a common goal - and project management is having control over the processes in a project and coordinating the tasks within given limits.

In project management, you control all the processes in the project, and ensure that everything goes smoothly within a specific time frame and budget.

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A good project management system forms the basis for good project management

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