Unveiling our User Council:

A journey of customer-centric innovation

October 18th marked a significant milestone in Milients' journey, as we launched our brand-new User Council for the Moment product with an exciting kick-off event!

Product manager Fabian Egbele extended a warm welcome, joined by CEO Lars Owe Berge Nyland and CPO Tina Andersen, who greeted all participants. Together, they presented the thoughts behind arranging the user counsils, including the 'what,' 'why,' and the objectives. Afterwards, the customers had the chance to introduce themselves, before we dived into meaningful discussions.

Several forums throughout the year to align our roadmap with customer needs

Our initiative involves selecting a group of dedicated Moment users to convene approximately six times a year. At each meeting, we will explore topics related to the future of the Moment product.

This approach aligns with our customer-centric innovation process and aims to create a unique forum experience. The primary goal is to collaboratively refine our product roadmap by collecting direct feedback from our key customers, ensuring that Moment continually aligns with and fulfils user needs.

A diagram showing our customer- and market-centric innovation. User council has a central place in this work.

Key takeaways from our first User Counsil

After the introduction, we let the customer give us input, and of course, it melted our hearts when the first comment was 'Thanks for always looking out for possibilities to improve yourself and the product'. 😀

Furthermore, we had constructive and good discussions on the following: 

  • Valuable suggestions on how Moment can make the workday easier from a user perspective.
  • Companies with different expertise and sizes shared their challenges.
  • Effective knowledge-sharing among members.
  • Focus on project managers' workday in Moment.

Overall, it was a great first meeting and kick-off, and we look forward to the next gathering! And we know you all are eager to see how the input will influence the product.

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