The EU Working Time Directive: Requirements for time registration

In 2019, the European Union implemented a directive that brought about a significant change in labour regulations: it became mandatory for all businesses within the EU to ensure that their employees' working hours were accurately registered. This step, aimed at protecting workers' rights, has presented companies with both a challenge and an opportunity.

However, complying with these rules doesn't have to be a difficult task! In this blog post, we will demonstrate how implementing a robust timekeeping system not only meets the legal requirements but also brings many additional benefits that can revolutionise your company's daily operations and project management.

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Understanding the EU Directive:

The EU Directive was implemented to safeguard employees from overwork and under-compensation while advocating for a healthier work-life balance. It mandates employers to accurately record the start and end times of their employees' workdays. Failing to comply with this requirement can result in significant legal and financial repercussions.


Key elements of the new legislation on time registration

The EU Court Ruling:

The legislation is a direct result of the 2019 ruling by the EU Court, which mandates member states to ensure that employers use an objective and reliable system to record the daily working hours of each employee.

Requirements for time registration:

Employers are required to implement an objective, reliable, and accessible system for recording daily working hours. The legislation allows flexibility in the design of the system.

Storage of registration:

The recorded information should be accessible to employees throughout their employment, and the data must be securely stored for a period of five years.

Exemption from the maximum weekly working hours:

Certain unionized employees have the flexibility to deviate from the maximum weekly working hours of 48 hours.

Simplify your compliance with the law using a timekeeping system

Ensure Compliance:

By implementing an efficient timekeeping system, your company can effortlessly meet the requirements of the EU directive. Automating the process of time registration ensures accuracy and transparency in registering working hours, mitigating the risk of non-compliance.

Seamless Integration:

The system seamlessly integrates into the daily workflow of the company, providing a discreet experience for employees. It allows them to effortlessly register their working hours, while managers receive real-time updates and reports, ensuring that everyone remains compliant with the legislation.

Mobile Accessibility:

The accessibility of our mobile app timekeeping system further simplifies compliance. Employees can easily register their working hours while on the go, making it exceptionally convenient to maintain accurate time logs every day, regardless of their location or work setup.


Additional advantages of an all-in-one project management system:

Improved Productivity:

In addition to compliance, Milient offers comprehensive project management tools. This seamless integration ensures that time tracking is directly linked to specific tasks and projects, providing insightful data that can be used to optimize productivity and meet project deadlines.

Informed Decision-Making:

With detailed reports on how time is being utilized, managers can make informed decisions regarding resource allocation, project planning, and workload distribution.

Employee well-being:

Ved nøjagtigt at spore arbejdstimer hjælper vores system med at gå ind for medarbejdertrivsel. Det sikrer, at overarbejde og arbejdsbyrde overvåges, hvilket fremmer en sundere balance mellem arbejde og privatliv.


Streamlined project management and time tracking lead to more efficient operations, reducing the likelihood of costly overruns and improving the overall effectiveness of the company.

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