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LSI Architects Refine Knowledge Management

LSI Architects recently launched Flo10 to address the need for efficient document organisation and a platform where collective knowledge thrives. 

Key Topics

  • LSI Architects faced challenges with manual processes and spreadsheet-based tracking systems.

  • The team struggled with maintaining up-to-date records of appointment terms, leading to potential missed opportunities and increased risk.

  • Flo10 Tracker was initially implemented in 2019 and with the commitment from Ed, LSI Architects streamlined their task flow, focusing on simplicity and efficiency.

  • The team also revamped their internal knowledge management system, centralising resources and facilitating collaboration across teams.
We can already see that there will be a reduction in queries as users simply refer to the homepage to find the information they need.

Karl Brooks
Brand and Marketing Manager | LSI Architects

The benefits of choosing Flo10 as your knowledge management system

1. Central Knowledge Base

The introduction of Flo10 has been highly beneficial, enabling users to consolidate information into a centralised knowledge base. LSI Architects have delivered dedicated areas for digital design resources and an HR homepage, where users can find all necessary information.

2. Improved Communication

Take part of the benefits!

Take control of your projects and resources with a complete operational tool. Project management, time management, resource planning and invoicing, all in one system.

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