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AHMM Improve Knowledge Sharing & Collaboration

Learn how Allford Hall Monaghan Morris inspired creativity through improved knowledge and collaboration to overcome challenges in a remote and hybrid workforce environment.

Key Findings

  • AHMM address challenges in sharing knowledge effectively within a vast information landscape.

  • Flo10 provides the most up-to-date guidance, validated information, and eliminates the risk associated with outdated data.

  • AHMM create a visually appealing digital platform showcasing projects, moving beyond traditional data presentation.

  • Search and filters simplify finding specific project examples, providing valuable inspiration for users.

  • AHMM's proactive approach involves early user involvement, usability testing, and addressing cultural barriers, ensuring high software adoption rates.

”For the first time at AHMM, we have a digital platform that showcases our projects, and it’s more than just a dry set of data and information.

Keith Austin
Knowledge Systems Manager | AHMM

The benefits of choosing Flo10 as your knowledge management system

1. Confidence in Information

AEC firms often struggle with outdated information, leading to potential risk in project execution. With Flo10 you have the most up-to-date and validated information, instilling confidence in decision-making and reducing the risk associated with using unreliable data.

2. Visual Project Showcase

Take part of the benefits!

Take control of your projects and resources with a complete operational tool. Project management, time management, resource planning and invoicing, all in one system.

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