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Enhancing the profitability of architecture projects: The key metrics to monitor

Tuesday, February 27th at 11.00 AM (GMT)


Join us for an online event where we will show you how you can gain better control over the financial performance of your company.

When: February 27th 11.00-12:00

Where: Webinar (free)

What: This webinar, specially targeted at architecture companies, will teach you concrete takeaways on how to enhance the profitability of your company. Learn which KPIs are important and how they are calculated.

The webinar will focus on resource utilisation and project profitability, providing actionable strategies and insights to optimise financial outcomes.

Here is what we will cover in more detail:

  • How failure to monitor key metrics affects your business
  • How to assess time spent internally (internal hours, non-billable hours, losses)
  • Methods for calculating billable rates
  • How to calculate project profitability
  • Principles for calculating labour cost on a project
  • Reduce the risk of "idleness" of employees by planning resources effectively.

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“I have never experienced the opportunities offered by Moment in any other system.”

When Snøhetta was searching for a new project management system, Moment was an easy choice. The Moment system from Milient provides the architects with control over everything from timekeeping, planning, project management, and quality assurance.

Børge Øverland 
CFO of Snøhetta

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