Three reasons why you shouldn't use Milient

You're probably wondering if we've gone completely crazy! Aren't we supposed to sell our system?

Indeed, we are. However, we are also aware that our system isn't right for everyone. Our goal is to provide our customers with a better workday using Milient - that's a win-win both for you and us.In this post, we will delve deeper into the question of who Milient is a perfect match for and, more importantly, who should consider other options.


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Find your perfect match

We understand the importance of finding the perfect fit when you spend your money. Whether it's the perfect pair of shoes, the ideal clothing piece to showcase your style, or the right colour of wall paint to create the desired atmosphere in your living room.

The same principle applies to the systems you use in your business.

While Milient, our project management software, provides the perfect workflow for many types of projects, not everyone will experience the value of our system in the same way.

perfect match

Milient is not the perfect fit for everyone

We were curious to dig deeper into why Milient isn't the right system for everyone. In this article, we will take a closer look at who Milient is built for and who it may not be suitable for. We will explore the areas where Milient truly stands out from other systems, as well as the areas where other systems are better alternatives. So, if you're wondering if Milient is the right fit for you, keep reading to find out.

Here are three reasons why Milient may not be the right fit for you:

1. If you only sell physical products

Milient is mainly a system designed to manage and control your projects. Specifically, it caters to those who sell their time and work on projects. It provides a system that helps them maintain a clear overview and control over their income, expenses, and resources (and a lot more).

However, if you solely sell physical products, for example, car tires, Milient may not be the right fit for you. Our system is designed to track time and link it to projects and clients rather than manage inventory for products.

2. If you're looking for a free system

You may have noticed that we mentioned "a lot more" when discussing features in the previous point. Milient offers a wide range of features that can be as comprehensive (or simple) as our customers desire. With our highly skilled product department and developers, we continuously strive to keep Milient at the forefront of our segment.

Therefore, we do not offer a free solution where you can use a small and selected part of the system without cost. We believe such a solution is not good enough for our target audience. So, if you are a business with limited resources and little opportunity to invest in a system, then Milient is not the right fit. There are other  systems out there that cater specifically to this market.

3. You desire a system that is tailor-made for you.

SaaS systems, like ours, are off-the-shelf products. This means that everyone gets to benefit from the system's development and updates. Our responsibility is to ensure that we understand our target audience and know what they need in their work.

Maintaining a good dialogue with our customers and users is crucial for understanding what you need in your workday. We work according to several principles, including NIHITO, and have gatherings with customers where we receive direct and valuable input for our product development.

So, if you need a system that is perfectly tailored to your business, we recommend hiring skilled developers and creating the system yourself.

A quick note here:

We have many existing customers who initially thought they needed a custom-made system. However, when they looked at Milient, they realised that purchasing a ready-made system actually was the right choice for them. Not to mention, it was more cost-effective. Developing and ensuring scalability for a custom system requires many resources, so letting us handle it saves your business a lot of time and money.


"No way – these points don't apply to me!"

If, after reading these three points, you find yourself thinking, "Hey, none of these points applies to me," then it's highly likely that you will significantly benefit from one of Milient's products.

Would you like a non-committal meeting with one of our experts to learn more about how your projects can run smoother? We are happy to have a chat. In this initial conversation, we will work together to identify your needs and determine if we can be a perfect match. No strings attached. Then, swipe right! 👉Meaning click here to schedule a talk with us.

Make your project workflow smoother

Would you like a system that gives you complete control over your projects and resources? With Milient, you can have project management, time tracking, resource planning, and invoicing - all in one system.

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