Programming students soon completing their thesis at Milient

Since January, we have had the pleasure of having two groups of students at the Milient office in Oslo. They are writing a Bachelor's in Programming and have chosen us as a case for their assignment. Their thesis is about developing new solutions in our system.

The deadline for the Bachelor's thesis is approaching and is in its final stages. This week, the students presented their work to all the employees at Milient.

We had a chat with Eirik and Jonar, two of the students, to hear about their experience writing a Bachelor's thesis at Milient.

Gets to use everything they have learned at school

"The most exciting part of the project has been diving into the backend code and seeing how Milient's systems are laid out," says Eirik. “We can't just go in to the system once and reading how it is structured. Every time we have started a new task, we have gone in and learned how it is specifically done in the Milient code.”

Jonar agrees: 

"We didn't have much experience working for real companies before, our knowledge comes mainly from school. Here in Milient, we get to use everything we've learned in our studies, and in a much larger scale than we're used to from school."

From their studies, the students are familiar with things like MVC (Model-View-Controller) and design patterns. In their project at Milient, they have seen how it is specifically done in the code here. "Working with the backend code for the product Moment is continuous learning for us", they say.


- Milient is easily the coolest place

Eirik likes how things are structured, that the tasks are exciting, and that the students are well looked after. Whenever they have any questions, they can simply turn the office chair around and tap a colleague on the shoulder.

"The best thing about the whole project is working here with so many cool and nice people," says Eirik.

"I've been at many workplaces before, but Milient is easily the coolest place," Jonar states, and says that he looks forward to coming to work every day. "It is very exciting to get into the labour market, not just sit on the school bench and wait to become part of working life".

Through their work in Milient, the students have found something they really like to work with. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that they get free lunch and free access to soft drinks, they add with a smile.

"All of us at Milient have greatly appreciated having the students here with us, and we look forward to seeing the end result," says Lars Owe Berge Nyland, CEO of Milient. This is the second year we have Bachelor students here.

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