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Moment is a good assistant and makes my everyday life easier


A great assistant

Embark uses the product Moment, which is now part of Milient's brand.

Rodrigo started working in embark in December, and then also became a user of Moment. embark as a company has used Moment for a long time.

Before Rodrigo started in embark, he had heard a lot of nice things about Moment, for many years. He looked forward to also becoming a user of the system.

Easy to use

About the first impression of Moment, Rodrigo says, “It's easy to use, intuitive, and with a little help from Moment's support team, I learn a lot on my own.”

Rodrigo highlights the reports, in particular, as he is a sworn supporter of Excel and praises the reporting opportunities in Moment up in the clouds. "Moment gives me a lot of good reports, which makes it easy for me to impress our management. I can easily get the numbers and information my managers need in managing the company. Like this, Moment gives me the opportunity to make my job tidier. I get the answers I need right away.
Moment is a good assistant and makes my everyday life easier.”

Rodrigo also tells us that he experiences both layout and colours in the system are user-friendly.

Support is excellent

"The customer service at Moment is superior! Everyone in our office agrees.

Moment respond right away; I hardly understand how that is possible."

Simple access control

embark has 21 employees. Of which 4 are leaders. The managers and Rodrigo have complete access to all the features, and the rest have different accesses according to what they need.

"The fact that we can choose the level of access makes the system very user-friendly and easy for our employees to orientate themselves in."

Rodrigo Blum-jansen

“It's easy to use, intuitive and with a little help from Moment's support team, I learn a lot on my own.”

About the first impression of Moment

Rodrigo Blum-Jansen
Office manager | embark AS

About embark

We are embark. We create architecture for people to meet, live, work and socialise in.

For over thirty years, we have worked with our customers to create award-winning buildings and high-quality locations. Our home is in Oslo, our vision is international, and our professional design team is diverse.

Read more about embark on their website (in Norwegian)

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