New name, new logo and new brand!

Moment Team and Millnet AB have joined forces under one name and brand.

From March 1st, our brand name is


As you can discern from the name, it is an amalgamation of our names. Together, we will continue to work purposefully to develop the best solutions for project management!


No change for those who use our systems

It is primarily here on our website that you will notice the change. Eventually, you will also see changes to email signatures and other communications with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. We have brand new websites, with a new name and new colours.

Our systems (Moment, Millnet Tid & Prosjekt, Millnet Narvaro, Millnet Rekrytering, etc.) will still be called what they were called before the merger, and you will log in to the same place as you do today. Some new colours and designs will appear; otherwise, you will work exactly as you have before. Please get in touch with us as before if you need support and talk to the same skilled people as before.




Why are we teaming up?

Together we are more robust,  and when the good people in both companies can contribute across the board, this will benefit you as a customer as well as those who are not yet users of our products. We will get more robust product development and development teams, and the support apparatus will also be expanded.

Do you have any questions? Reach out to us here.




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