Deviation reporting

Register deviations quick and easy

A simple choice for registration

Everyone does not need the employees to register how much time was spent on different tasks during the day. Some only want to know between which hours they worked. In that case you can save both you and your employees time with deviation reporting. With this kind of registreation the employee only need to log in and adjust their times when there are deviations, otherwise everything rolls on by itself. Could it be any easier? You get:

  • Simple deviation reporting
  • Scheduling with support for time over more then one day
  • Possibility to registrer time via computer, mobile phone and time clock
  • An overview of what is being registered
  • Time left for your core business

Keep track of the registrations in real time

Knowing who is working, where there are deviations and if someone is absent is necessary to be able to manage your staffing. We solve this with a graphic overview of the selected period. This view is continuously updated with the information from the employees' registrations and deviation, and the new shifts you have planned.

Possible to stamp times

Do you require the employees to be in a certain place when they register their time? With Milient, they can stamp their time via a fixed time terminal or their mobile phone. For the latter, you can choose within which area or areas they are able to stamp time.


Register deviations wherever you are

If you want more freedom, you can let the employees manage their deviation reporting on the go. As long as they have access to a computer or their mobile phone, they can make the adjustments they want or just check their schedule. It's entirely up to you!
”It has worked as smoothly as possible and more of our customers will switch over.”

Kistin Jacobsson
Accounting consultant and authorized payroll consultant | Redeko

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The many features of Milient

Do you work with projects, hours and resources? Then you may have also felt the feeling of not having full control in the same system. In Milient you can collect all features in one place.


Tired of interpreting complicated collective agreements? Let Milient do the work. Enter the agreement and let the system handles all the calculations so you can be sure that it's correct



Flexible scheduling that can handle schedules over more then one day. Create shifts quick and easy, day by day or the entire period, for one or more employees at a time.

Payroll management

Because payroll work should be simple. Quickly create the documents you need, based on employee registrations, and export the file to your payroll system. It doesn't have to be difficult.


Flexible timekeeping adapted to the activities and projects you work in. You get a full overview of time use - of course with automatic calculation of overtime balance.

Travel & Expenses

Have you had expenses on your trips for work? All employees can easily register travel expenses in Milient. Take pictures with your mobile phone and upload them to your inbox.

Vacation & absence

Milient helps you keep track of all employees' vacation and absences. Each employee can easily enter their absences, which makes it easier to plan for future capacity. 


Do you want alternatives to manual staffing? Send out offers and let the employees themselves choose which shifts they want to take.


Timekeeping is easily transferred to invoicing. You always see how much you have invoiced and what remains in your budgets.


Everyone has different needs. Use the many built-in reports or add the powerful analytics tool for even more detailed follow-up.

Spend less time on administration, and get more time for everything else.