Welcome to the world Milient

On March 1st, Moment Team AS and Millnet AB merged into Milient Software. This blog will discuss the reasons behind this merger and rebrand and what it means for our customers.



New name and new brand - why?

This merger was part of our growth strategy to become the market leader in our regions and to ensure we will continue to have the best project management system offering in the market! Together, we will create a more comprehensive service offering to help our customers to achieve their business goals more effectively.

The rebrand to Milient reflects a new chapter in our company's history. The name Milient is a combination of Moment and Millnet. The new brand identity is unique, modern, and dynamic and it reflects the essence of what we’re doing as well as our commitment to innovation and creativity.


So, what does this mean for you?

When you log in, you might see some minor changes in the "look and feel" of our systems, but except that, you will still get the same great experience! You can expect the same high level of quality and service; if needed, our skilled support team is ready to help you.


It’s a promise!

The rebranding into Milient is a significant change for our companies, but we are convinced it will benefit our customers and employees.

Our employees represent a vast amount of experience, competence, and knowledge, and they will now get the opportunity to continue developing their skills and careers on a larger scale.

Therefore, we promise you to continue delivering exceptional customer experiences and helping our customers achieve their business goals.



We started the day by serving breakfast to all our employees in our offices, decorated with new colors. After formally announcing our new brand, we continued the celebration with food and drinks in the afternoon.

We believe we have been able to create a unique name that all our employees are getting behind, a name that will resonate with our customers and partners and help us stand out in a competitive market!

We are looking forward to our future! Welcome to the world Milient!


Get startet with Milient!

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