Template for project offers

Create the perfect project offer in no time

You don't have to spend countless hours setting up a project offer! In this offer template, you get the basics you need to send a precise offer to your customers.

The offer template from Milient is specially designed for industries that work project-based. Architects, engineers and consultants can use this template. Whether you are experienced in delivering projects, or just starting out, this template will be a great tool for you.

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What does the offer template contain?

In the project offer template, you get, among other things:
  • Complete set-up for an offer for a project
  • Useful tips for what you should include in the offer (and what you should leave out!)
  • A list of a number of project phases to use as inspiration
  • Standard wording to ensure formality is in place
  • Help text along the way in the template so you can adapt the offer to your business.